New Twerking Workout Makes Pole Dance Fitness Look Tame (VIDEO)

woman dancingGoing to a gym class is like having a personal tour guide to your workout. Of course getting there is the first step, but then once you're inside, all you have to do is follow directions. So what if I were to tell you that there's a new gym class out of Miami where you'll be instructed to not only dance, but twerk? Seriously. Meet the Vixen Workout, a dance class set to club music where women show up rockin' heels, makeup, and ready to shake their bootay in ways that their mothers may feel awkward about.

Developed by former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones, dancers can allegedly burn hundreds of calories in ONE class. And as the craze grows and spreads across the country, the "Vixen Army" spreads.

And to think, people were giving Miley Cyrus crap for this whole twerking thing ...


We've all been out with girlfriends for a night on the town where dancing's involved. It's a riot! With the popularity and success of other dance workouts like Zumba, it was only a matter of time until someone took the popularity of this latest twerk fad and brought it to life inside a workout studio.

Do I think it sounds fun? Heck yes I do. A simple click over to the Vixen Workout website and you'll see the common vocab to brush up on before even stepping into the dance class includes "ridin' round & gettin it," "thigh shakes," "salt shakers," and "p-poppin' 'til you perculate." HA! I mean, if the shoe fits, right? Clearly this Vixen workout is for women who are willing to let go of their inhibitions (a la Miley) and get down.

Want to check out a class for yourself? Watch the Vixen Workout in action, here:

Would you try the Vixen Workout?


Image via Ben Miller/Corbis

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