Rebecca Romijn Goes Topless to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in a Ridiculously Goofy Way (VIDEO)

rebecca romijn funny or dieRebecca Romijn has a revolutionary bra idea. She claims that when you've got all these balls in the air -- work, life, jogging, etc. -- we ladies sometimes forget to juggle ... ourselves! Enter the Hand Bra, aka Rebecca's hands subbing in for bra cups ... HA. Yes, it's a total joke -- the ridiculous, goofy, but admittedly LOL-worthy premise of her new "Funny or Die" sketch made for Breast Cancer Awareness month. But it's silly, fun, cute, and of course the mom of twins Charlie and Dolly is as charming as ever in the clip!

Check it out ...


Haa, cute, right? But let's be honest ... Like far too many breast cancer awareness campaigns or products we see around this time of year, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with breast cancer. But at least in this case, I think that's okay. Because pretty Rebecca with her hilarious hand bra gets our attention -- and directs that attention to the charity Funny or Die is encouraging us to donate to: Stand Up to Cancer. For that reason alone, I'd say it's worth sharing. And hey -- laughter reduces stress, which lessens your risk of any disease, so the more funny we can get into our lives, the better!

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