Tom Hanks' Serious Health Scare Can be Blamed on Several of His Movies

Tom hanksIs it just me, or is Tom Hanks one of those actors that you wish you were actually friends with? Something about his demeanor makes me want to hug him every time I see him sit down for an interview. I especially wanted to give him a hug last night after finding out that Hanks is living with Type 2 diabetes. Appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman to talk about his newest movie Captain Phillips, Hanks spilled the details on his medical condition saying that he's had high blood sugar since age 36 and was only recently diagnosed with diabetes.

The reason for Hanks' type 2 diabetes? Well according to CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips, his extreme dieting could be to blame. After gaining 30 pounds in 1992 to play baseball coach Jimmy Dugan A League of Their Own, Hanks then dropped to 170 pounds for Castaway in 2000.

Sounds like yo-yo dieting could have more repercussions than just a fluctuating wardrobe.


I'll be honest: I'm totally guilty of yo-yo dieting. I'll be super strict with my diet for a month or two, let the whole thing completely fall apart for a few weeks, and then hop back on the healthy eating horse just to start all over again. As easy as it is to joke with your friends about eating absolutely horribly, it's important to try to find some sort of balance in your life between going completely off the deep end and being uber healthy.

Aside from upping your risk for diabetes, yo-yo dieting and weight cycling put you at risk for high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, and high blood pressure. The best thing you can do? Team up with friends or family members to hold one-another accountable. If you make healthier decisions every day, that'll help keep your weight in check and prevent you from taking extreme measures at a later time.

Just be realistic. Hanks told Letterman that even though his doctor told him that if he weighed as much as he weighed in high school, he could be completely cured of the disease. Hanks' response? "Well, I'm gonna have Type 2 diabetes [then]." What's the point of living your life if you have to live it with zillions of restrictions, right? I'm right there with you, Tom.

Do you or anyone you know have Type 2 diabetes? How has it effected your life?


Image via Alex Brandon/ Corbis

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