Naomi Campbell Goes HOW Many Days Without Food Before a Runway Show?!

naomi campbellIn the past, the only word that came to mind when I heard the name "Naomi Campbell" was "fierce." For better or worse, everything about the woman is fierce. Her walk. Her hair. Her life. Her accent. Her attitude. When she walks by pots of flowers, they die. In a good way. But now that I've heard that the only thing Naomi consumed for 10 days before her return to the catwalk at the Versace show was various juices, another word that comes to mind is "starving." And "whaaa?"

We all know models resort to absurd measures to stay thin (cotton balls dipped in OJ, anyone?). But 10 days is a little extreme. Even for Naomi and her all-encompassing fierceness.

Okay, but yeah, eating cotton balls is far more gross.


Campbell told The Edit that normally, she indulges a bit. "I don't want to build muscle, just to tone. I'm not extreme about what I eat -- I let chocolate and crisps [potato chips] come in. You just have to allow the little things that make you happy," she said. But when it's go time, she admitted that she's all business, confessing, "For 10 days prior to the Versace show, I just drank juice -- carrot, ginger, pineapple -- to cleanse." (And cigs, obvs.)

Now, while we all now that models perpetuate unrealistic ideals of what a woman's weight should be, blah blah blah, I've gotta say. I do appreciate Naomi's honesty. Nothing is more obnoxious than the models who say, "Oh, I eat whatever I want and don't gain a pound tee hee tee hee" when in reality they, too, are juicing their tiny little heads off. That perpetuates an unrealistic idea.

But still. Ten days with no food. I can't imagine! I don't want to imagine! Okay, maybe I'm a little curious: Naomi, what was it like? JK. No, in all seriousness, that sounds positively awful.

Then again, if someone was going to pay me thousands of dollars to walk, I guess I'd consider not eating for 10 days, too.

Have you ever cleansed?

Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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