Bethenny Frankel’s Dieting Mantra Could Give You an Eating Disorder

bethenny frankelDo you trust Bethenny Frankel with dieting advice? Well, she is, you know, skinny. Maybe she knows something. Or maybe she's just loony tunes, because she's got one hell of a dieting mantra: Taste everything, eat nothing. Uh, come again? This is a phrase she trotted out on a recent episode of her new show, Bethenny. Now I'm picturing Bethenny chewing a brownie and spitting it back out, and I really could do without that image in my head.

Bethenny, you had me at taste everything! But you lost me at eat nothing. That sounds kind of anorexia-ish to me.


She doesn't really mean starve yourself, literally. (At least I don't think so.) Bethenny is supposedly talking about eating in moderation. So go ahead and buy that brownie, but just take one bite of it and then walk away. Easy enough, right?

Maybe not for everyone.

I fully embrace the idea that having less of something wonderful is better than having lots of something mediocre. But that takes willpower, and willpower doesn't have an on/off switch. People take years trying to cultivate it. It's not a simple matter of just trying harder. It can take treatment -- the help of a professional to totally change the way you think about eating. I'm not sure this mantra is really that helpful.

Even though Bethenny doesn't literally mean "eat nothing," I think it's a terrifying message to send. Eat nothing? Why is eating the bad guy here? EATING IS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. Bethenny talks a lot about "food noise" -- the voices in your head that fuck up your relationship with food and eating. Well, hers is a mantra that could do just that, I think. What about: "Are you insane? EAT SOMETHING for Chrissake, it's how we all stay alive." Do I sound like your mother, though?

I like this mantra better: "Don't waste calories on crappy food that doesn't make you feel good." Honestly, that's what I live by, and it definitely works for me. But no one is going to put that on a T-shirt.

Do you have a food mantra?


Image via Bethenny

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