Nina Dobrev Goes Topless to Remind Us How Naked We Are Without Proper 'Coverage' (PHOTO)

nina dobrev topless get coveredForget PETA -- celebs are shedding their clothes for another cause now. Nina Dobrev is among several stars who've lent their voices -- and (at least half) naked bodies -- to ask Americans to "#GetCovered" with health insurance plans made accessible and affordable by Obamacare.

Alongside her B&W topless selfie, Nina wrote, "Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go to and #GetCovered, Because w/o it, youre naked."

Love it!


And love that Nina and fellow stars on the campaign are pointing people to, a nonprofit that's about people, not politics. Because politics aside, being uninsured is no joke. Even with insurance, you can get hit over the head with out-of-network fees and co-pays, but it's nothing compared to what you could be facing if you were to get sick or hurt without insurance.

But now that we have better access to affordable health insurance, maybe we can change that scary stat that one out of every six Americans is currently living without insurance. More Americans will be able to take advantage of preventative and otherwise care. As far stars like Nina are concerned, insurance is a step toward bolstered wellness for all.

It definitely feels good to know that with the marketplace open and ready for business, so many more Americans will be, well, a little less naked.

What do you think about Nina's #GetCovered plea?


Image via Nina Dobrev/Instagram

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