Lamar Odom's Latest Plan to Kick Drugs Is the Worst Yet

Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomUgh, Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. Lamar Odom, my man, you be dreaming. I'm not just talking about how you think Khloe will never leave you. How you think that you'll play ball again soon. But now that famous river De Nile has flowed into your brain big time. Because reportedly, Lamar thinks he can kick a major drug habit all by his lonesome. No rehab. No therapy. No Dr. Drew. No nothing. Just Lamar and his empty crack pipe. Well ... you know what they say about a defendant who represents himself? He's got a fool for a lawyer! And the same thing could be said about a drug addict who thinks they can lick it themselves. In fact, Lamar has already (supposedly) admitted his defeat.


Sources at TMZ (who are clearly partying with Lamar, 'cause they know way too much) say that Lamar has been sober for five days and is convinced he can clean up without rehab or any kind of help because he believes in "self healing" and "willpower."

And how does he know he's got the self healing willpower?

Because he (supposedly) says that he's done this before in the past ... so he can do it again.

Lamar, are you listening to yourself? That makes no sense, man! If you cleaned up in the past, it didn't work, 'cause look at ya!

Do you know the definition of insanity, Lamar? Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I think that's from AA.

Sources also say that Lamar's newfound sobriety seems more about wanting to play basketball again -- training camp has just started -- than cleaning up to save his marriage.

Sure, some people can kick habits cold turkey. I know a guy who smoked a pack a day who decided to quit on a dare and hasn't smoked for years now.

But those people are few and far between. And if it was going to work for Lamar, wouldn't it have worked last time he did it?

And, of course, people who go to rehab can relapse. Look at Cory Monteith.

But, on the whole, rehab and a sustained program dedicated to beating drugs, that includes sober coaches, counseling, group therapy, etc., is still the most likely way to beat addiction. Because it's very important to get to the bottom of WHY you are doing drugs, and that can only be sussed out with a lot of help.

Have you ever quit a bad habit cold turkey?

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