Giuliana Rancic Says Breast Cancer Made Her Ditch Diet & Exercise

giuliana rancicGiuliana Rancic's battle with breast cancer two years ago was such a big deal that, these days, she's often referred to as "cancer survivor" before E! Fashion Police star. And while she's okay with that, she does seem to want to set the record straight on what her life has been like since she beat the disease ...

She explains, "Before I got the breast cancer, I was actually pretty diligent about my diet and what I ate and I tried to eat very healthy foods and whole grains and tried to exercise every day," But ever since, Giuliana says she's gravitated in the opposite direction -- becoming less health-conscious!


Giuliana confesses:

I think you go one of two ways. Some people, I think it was Christina Applegate who said that she became very diligent about her health afterwards ... I kinda went the other way. On my way here I ate a sandwich in the car; I eat lots of bread and different things and I don't exercise as much.

While it sounds counterintuitive that a health challenge might make you more relaxed about healthy habits, in Giuliana's case, it actually makes perfect sense. Sounds like she was really gung-ho about her diet and exercise regimen before the diagnosis. Working in Hollywood especially, it's definitely possible to find yourself taking what appears to be a healthy lifestyle too far. Freaking out about every calorie and killing yourself at the gym is no way to live either!

Everything in moderation is a great expression, because it doesn't only apply to cookies. It's also about striking a balance in all aspects of life. Maybe the best way for Giuliana to do that post-breast cancer was to lean more 80/20 rule vs. uber-fit-minded 24/7/365.

As she told HuffPost Live, "Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in the gym every day and not to be counting your calories." I mean ... really, how can you argue with that?!

What do you think about Giuliana's new approach to diet and exercise?


Image via Gabriel Grams/Splash News

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