8 Amazing Fitness Fads That Made Us Laugh -- Some of Them Even Worked! (PHOTOS)

Sure, the Barre Method and CrossFit are the hottest fitness trends now. But will they stand up to the test of time? Will we be looking back with nostalgia at our workouts today, shaking our heads and wondering what we were thinking?

Let's take a look back at some of the vintage fitness fads from the past, to see what works ... and what is truly just as crazy as it seemed when it launched. Maybe just like fluorescent workout gear, one or more of these trends will make a comeback!


Image via Ananta Maitra/Flickr

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Rebecca Marie Adcox

Every single one of those things probably does some good. (Except maybe that belt thing, which requires no effort.) All exercise is beneficial. The key is consistent diet and exercise, not simply saying any one type of gadget or routine is going to work magic. But hula hoops are definitely good for you, as are roller skates and even that gazelle thingie...  :) People just can't try an exercise once and then give up! Think about how much fun kids have doing those activities. Definitely not just a fad.

Cryst... CrystalYaris

I have a thighmaster in my closet right now that my mom bought years ago!! lol I remember the commercials for the Gazelle (in 97 I was in in 5th grade maybe). In my yardsale, I sold the shaker thing. I'm not even sure where it came from, but found it in the shed and said "well, that would probably sell."

Taisie Taisie

Hula hoops are phenomenal for giving you a small waist :) I loved mine, and before my back injury, I would get up and hula hoop during all the ads while I watched TV. Every ad set I would change direction. I didn't use a weighted one, just a regular one.

nonmember avatar Stephen

I gotta say, as a pretty fit guy with a fair amount of endurance, the Shake Weight (for guys of course!) manages to give me a pretty fast burn in my biceps, triceps, lats, and sometimes forearms. It's certainly not the equivalent of lots of reps in good form with dumbells or most other weight bearing exercises, but I think it does some good, particularly on the fast twitch muscles since they often get neglected by people lifting slowly in good form.

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