There's Now Evidence That Dieting Actually Makes You Dumber

Bitten appleWelp, this is frightening. A new study out of Harvard reveals that dieting can make you dumber. Well, to an extent. Apparently the mental strain that's associated with limited food intake can have a significant bearing on cognitive skills. In simple speak: worrying about what you're going to eat makes you unable to focus on other things.

An example for you: Say you're at a friend's house for dinner and her husband brings in a chocolate cake and places it to the side of the room. While you may be present in the room and "listening" to all of the gossip that your galpal has to dish, after 10 minutes you may realize you've only processed about half of what's been said.

Hey, it makes sense to me. When someone puts a frappuccino next to me, I have a VERY hard time not thinking about how great it would be to injest all that chocolatey goodness. The reality? There could be an easy fix to this diet dementia (as I'll refer to it) if you make some healthy changes to your lifestyle as a whole.


Sure, when you first trade in your daily morning bagel for a cup of Greek yogurt and some fruit -- it'll feel weird. However, making healthy swaps in your life will enable you that occasional splurge. That is what a healthy lifestyle is all about. That way, if you're typically a healthy eater, you won't freak out when you see a cookie, a piece of cake, or some other decadent treat. You're ALLOWED to have these things once in a while, in moderation.

That's the key word: moderation. Instead of drinking a venti frappuccino, opt for a tall. Instead of eating an entire ice cream cake in one sitting (guilty as charged), have a slice and save some for a few days later. Allowing yourself to splurge every once in a while will keep you sane. Trust me, that's a MUCH better way to live your life.

Do you feel crazed when you're on a diet or trying to avoid certain foods?


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