Christina Aguilera's Astonishing 49-Pound Weight Loss May Have Come Down to One Thing

christina aguileraIs it just me, or did Christina Aguilera get really fit really fast? It was only a year ago she appeared looking uber-voluptuous in her sexy "Your Body" video. Fast-forward to this summer, when she debuted what looks like a ... whole new body. Obviously, everyone wants to know HOW! (Because it couldn't possibly have been -- cough -- lipo, right? Oh, come on, it's Hollywood!)

Alright, yeah, I'm a bit skeptical, because it was so extreme -- apparently, she dropped 49 pounds -- and so quick and the only explanation we've heard so far about her weight loss plan was that she got into yoga. Uh-huh. Well, now, Life & Style claims to have the "exact" slimming diet plan Christina followed/currently employs ...


The tabloid reports that Christina has been limiting alcohol and avoiding her "unhealthy favorite" restaurants -- like Beverly Hills deli Nate 'n' Al's. Breakfast includes "blueberries, half an avocado and turkey bacon, an ideal combo of healthy fats and protein." Her snack choices are celery with almond butter or a shrimp cocktail. Lunch is "chicken breast over a veggie-filled salad. No creamy dressings!" And for dinner, "she loves chicken or fish curry and splurges with a glass of wine!"

Sounds like a suuuuper low-carb, low-cal, almost Paleo-ish regimen. Very restrictive. No matter, she supposedly isn't acting or feeling deprived! At least according to a Voice insider who claims, "Christina is refreshed and rejuvenated this season. She’s really looking after herself and seems genuinely happy inside — and it shows." 

You know, maybe she lost weight so quickly by cutting back on the booze ... Drinking a lot -- or even here and there socially -- really can add a bunch of excess, empty calories to your diet. Even if the rest of your eating regimen is clean as can be, alcohol can, and often does, undermine it all! So maybe that actually was the key for Christina? Either way, I just hope what The Voice producer Mark Burnett had to say about the female coach -- that she's "as fit as can be" -- is true.

What do you think about Christina's supposed diet? Would you try it?


Image via NBC

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