Disgusting New Drug Turns You Into a Real Life Zombie (VIDEO)

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There are drugs and then there are DRUGS. Sure, all drugs can have consequences, but there aren't any "Faces of Pot" or "Faces of Xanax" campaigns. There are, however, "Faces of Meth" service ads that will give you the chills. And now there might be a drug scarier than meth, one that makes you look even worse, if possible. That's because this drug, called Krokodil, which has reportedly just hit our shores from Russia, is one of the deadliest, most evil drugs out there. Which of course means it will be wildly popular. So hopefully people even thinking about trying it will take a look at what can happen if you do.

Krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) is a combination of codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine, and red phosphorous. Which sounds like something you would absolutely go out of your way to never EVER ingest, but is apparently something people are ingesting on purpose because, let's face it, human beings are totally messed up.

The drug is so lethal that it kills most regular users within ONE year of their using. And if it's not killing you, then it's eating your flesh. Take a look:


KLTV.com-Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

The drug, which was recently found in Arizona, actually eats away your flesh and bone. Said a doctor at a poison control center:

As far as I know, these are the first cases in the United States that are reported. So we're extremely frightened.

Maybe teens and others who just aren't very knowledgeable have no idea that the drug can do this much damage. I certainly hope that everyone who is even thinking about this drug educates themselves and then thinks twice! No, thinks like 1,000 times!

Surely no high could be worth this come down.

Had you heard of this drug?


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OMG!!!! What the hell did I just see?! That is scary!


The only thing that's normal is the codeine other than that, what is exactly the fun part of this concoction?

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

I'm so sad for these people. Wtf. The person I love the most in the world is a recovering addict - survived heroin just to find crack. Got over crack just to find meth. Still clean today and can only attribute this miracle to God. It scares me to think he would find something like this one day.

Why would anyone do this to their body??

momofcfk momofcfk

Why would you be sad for people who are taking an illegal drug knowing that you literally rot to death. These people are stupid because they continue to use the drug while their rotting away. If you want to be a dumbass and kill yourself in such a horrible way well I say one less stupid person on this earth. Sorry I am not trying to be a bitch this shit just annoys me soooooo much!

sylph... sylph_ironlight

Seriously, why don't they just go lick the floor of an autobody shop or garage? Get a lot of the same chemicals for free. I mean, people might look at you a little weird, but...

momofcfk momofcfk

LOL sylph-ironlight that is hilarious!

Kate Cooley

What is the purpose of this? How high can this get you while it eats you alive? How is this something that is a problem? Shouldn't people take one look at what it does and run screaming in the other direction?!?

Kathy Hagle

Here is a good reason why the bible refers to drug use as sorcery.


I have to agree with momofcfk. That's basicly how i see it too. 

Vegan... VeganVixen

First of all addiction is a disease. The people using this drug are heroin and severe opiate addicts. Its cheaper than heroin and has the same effect but the high lasts over an hour. You don't get it, people using this aren't making a choice, their addiction is controlling them!!!! You have to be seriously addicted to even shoot this stuff up. For those of you condemning these poor people shame on you. Let's hope you never contract a disease... yes using drugs for the first timE is a choice, but the majority of people who are addicts started as teens who were not fully capable of making a lifelong decision, add that to the fact most addicts have underlying mental health problems which cause them to self medicate or partake in risky behaviors and you have someone who deserves compassion! We all make bad choices at least once right? Well be thankful you never made the choice to use... be thankful your bad decisions as a teen didnt have lifelong consequences . This drug is absolutely horrifying. Its so easy to judge n point fingers and look down on people isnt it? Guess what, all it takes is one mistake to change your life forever... you still have a lot of decisions to make . ..

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