'DWTS' Star Bill Nye's Knee Injury Is Nothing to Take Lightly (PHOTO)

bill nyeWell it was bound to happen sooner or later. The first contestant from season 17 of Dancing With the Stars has had a bit of an injury. That not-so-lucky contender? Bill Nye. Apparently, Bill Nye has a partially torn ligament after getting injured doing his Paso Doble performance on last week's show. The Science Guy shared a photo on Instagram (right) of him and his partner Tyne Stecklein at the hospital with the caption, "Here's the scoop: partially torn ligament. Awaiting the doc's orders with Tyne. We plan to dance! Stand by ..."

I mean, I'm glad that it's only a partially torn ligament. Things definitely could be much, much worse. With that said, though, I'm not sure Bill's competitive edge is serving him well right about now. Considering he's actually injured (and it's not just a sprain), he should be resting up.


It's hard, I get it. He's on this super competitive show and he doesn't want to let a little ligament slow him down. But just like any other athlete or non-athlete, it's important to take time off and listen to your body when something's gone wrong. By continuing regular exercise, any injured person is risking further injury, making a bad situation worse.

The bigger struggle? Oftentimes it's hard to go from 100 to 0 just because of an injury. The trick? Switching up a workout to accommodate your current struggle. Back last year when I had a few foot issues, I swapped out running for spinning and swimming. Was it my favorite? Of course not. However, the change enabled me to stay active and not end up miserable on the couch.

Whatever Bill decides, let's just hope he has the right team behind him to help him take care of that injury. I for one want to see him keep on dancing away!

Do you think Bill should duck out of the competition or compete with his injury?

Image via thescienceguy/Instagram

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