'Real Housewives' Star Reveals Weight Loss Secret That REALLY Works

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housewivesWhether you're excited or less-than-stoked for the reported Real Housewives of New Jersey spin-off featuring Caroline Manzo and her family, there is no arguing that the Manzos are an interesting bunch. You have Albie who is arguably the most handsome son to emerge out of the Housewives franchise and then the whole situation with them owning the Brownstone. But my favorite player of the Manzo clan? Lauren Manzo.

Struggling with her weight on national television can't be an easy thing. Lauren's been battling to drop pounds ever since she underwent lap band surgery in September 2011 and recently posted a photo of her diet efforts on Twitter (right). Looks like Lauren Manzo's weight loss efforts have been kicked into HIGH gear.

Let's get real: We could look at a zillion bikini body photos, but something like this is much more impressive. I like to see celebs work hard to get a great bod. This intense portion control, this is something that you and I normal folk can appreciate.

... and it works, too. Back when I was really trying to shed pounds, I always found putting things into small Tupperware and planning for the day to be tedious (because it is). The truth, though, is that although planning takes effort, that effort pays off. Look at all of the awesome options that Lauren has laid out up there. You can see just by looking at her array of treats that she's prepared, and she most definitely won't go hungry.

Just think about what could happen if she didn't prepare. Instead of having ALL of those things to nosh on over the course of a full day, lady could have opted for a horribly "healthy" salad that's actually 1,200 calories alone at a nearby bodega. I don't know about you all, but I'd rather munch the whole day through for 1,200 calories than eat it all within 12 minutes.

Kudos to Lauren on putting the work in. Now, excuse me while I go satisfy my raspberry craving. Thanks, Laur.

Are you good at planning ahead when you're on a diet, or do you find it to be tedious?


Image via Laurenmanzo/Twitter

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nonmember avatar boo boo

I will argue that the Manzos are not interesting, they are boring.
No, Albie has a long way to go. Jeana from the OC has the most handsome son although he is allegedly a jerk.
Seriously Lauren Manzo is your favorite? She is not even her own Mother's favorite daughter, allegedly.
It IS hard work to have your Daddy pay for your Lapband surgery, allegedly. IPPHO

Terry Shea

Lauren is annoying! she lost the weight because if the LapBand.. it doesnt let you eat thats how it works... She thinks she is hot shit now but she is rude and nasty and thinks that her boyfriend of all these years is not good enough for her anymore.. i hope he dumps her ass.

Dani Andréa

First of all, anyone eating only 1200 calories a day is starving themselves. Your body needs way more than that. Second of all, Lauren is nasty and rude. She only lost weight with the aid of surgery, she didn't work hard to achieve it. Now she acts like everyone owes her something. No thank you

Carrie Tetzlaff

If I remember correctly, Lauren got the LapBand, lost some weight and put it back on.. and this time around she got serious about diet and exercise.

lorra... lorranneb

anybody can lose weight w the lap band...so what did she do that was soooooo fantastic again?? she punked out n took the ez way out

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