12 Sports Bras Face Our Intense Test: Which Ones Beat the Bounce? (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Sep 19, 2013 Healthy Living

sports braBoobs. Big or small, real or enhanced -- they typically all need the same thing: support. Finding the perfect bra for everyday wear is one thing; however, finding the right kind of artillery to strap those puppies down for an intense workout is something totally different. That's right, I'm talkin' about the perfect sports bra. Whether your go-to exercise routine is a light late-afternoon jog around your neighborhood or a booty shakin' Zumba class, every woman needs the right bra for even her sweatiest workouts.

Lucky for you, the ladies here at The Stir have put some of today's most popular sports bras to the test. Check out these 12 different sports bra styles hoping to banish the (excessive) bounce.

Do you have a favorite sports bra? Have you ever tried any of these?


Image via Emily Abbate

  • Which Sports Bras Are Worth Buying? (PHOTOS)

  • Champion All-Out Support Wireless Sports Bra


    Image via Champion USA


    Price: $46, championusa.com

    Available in: 34C through 40D

    Features: Tag-free bra with double-layer cups for women who have totally played the "two sports bras at once" game. It's OK to admit it, I've done it.

    Comfort level: 9. "It hardly felt like I was wearing anything once I got it on!"

    Additional notes: "I found it super difficult to adjust the size. Once I finally got it, though, it was totally worth it."

    Would you buy it again? "Yes, it provides really good support."

  • Asics Adjust Bra


    Image via Asics America


    Price: $42, asicsamerica.com

    Available in: Small through XL

    Features: Made of nylon, this bra has molded cups that are supposed to enhance fit and give the girls a little extra support. The bra also boasts adjustable straps and a chafe-resistant chest band. Chafe-resistant? Like.

    Comfort level: 7.5. "I like the way my chest feels in this but the small bra loops seemed to irritate my back."

    Additional notes: Our tester indicated that this bra was tough to get on, but super hard to get off. "After an intense sweat, I just couldn't finagle my way out of it."

    Would you buy again? "Definitely. I really liked the way that the eensy little bit of padding made my chest feel more comfortable in the sports bra instead of smushed."

  • C9 by Champion Seamless Bra With Removable Pads


    Image via Target


    Price: $18.99, target.com

    Available in: XS through XXL

    Features: Made of nylon and polyester, this scoop neck racer back bra has adjustable straps. Unlike some of the competition, though, it comes with removable pads to give your girls an extra boost.

    Comfort level: 10. "My boobs felt like they were laying in pillows."

    Additional notes: "I felt super sexy in this bra and wish I had the confidence to wear it out in public solo. My boobs looked great in a sports bra; I can't tell you the last time that happened! However, when it comes to actually working out in it ... I'd rather something more secure."

    Would you buy it again? "For the sole reason that I feel like a supermodel in it, yes."

  • Shefit


    Image via SheFit


    Price: A minimum $70 donation on kickstarter.com

    Available in: XS through 4XL

    Features: The Shefit claims to reduce bounce by "73 percent with the right bra strap." With two-way-wear shoulder straps, a Velcro closure in the back, and a zipper up the front, this bra means business.

    Comfort level: 6. "I felt supported, though it didn't have much give. The main strap that fell under the breast and across the back is super tight."

    Additional notes: "The colors, black, pink, and white, were sporting and the design gave me a more flattering shape than most sports bras. However, all those Velcro straps were incredibly confusing!"

    Would you buy it again? "Probably not. It was just really confusing. I nearly missed my gym class trying to get the thing on!"

  • Glamorise No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra


    Image via amazon.com


    Price: $25.95, amazon.com

    Available in: 34C through 48G

    Features: Made mostly of polyester and nylon, this sports bra has moisture wicking fabric that keeps the user cool and dry. The open air mesh camisole design helps keep the girls in place. 

    Comfort level: 8. "You have no idea how long I've looked for a real sports bra for large breasts and this one, this is IT."

    Additional notes: "This is the only under-wire free version I've ever tried that doesn't roll or give instant uniboob."

    Would you buy it again? YES YES YES! The tester's favorite part? "It's not ugly, which sometimes large bras tend to be."

  • Gap High Impact Sports Bra


    Image via Gap


    Price: $29.99 to $36, gap.com

    Available in: 34B through 38C

    Features: Cushioned racerback straps are the seller on this sports bra, along with the cutely designed keyhole back.

    Comfort level: 9. "Holds everything together without squeezing me to death, and I can move easily in it."

    Would you buy again? "Of course! But since I'm ahem, small, I usually stick to tanks with built-ins."

  • Champion Seamless Dazzle


    Image via Champion USA


    Price: $36, championusa.com

    Available in: Small through 2XL (32A through 38DD)

    Features: Two-ply fabric that is supposed to cool its user down quickly and wick sweat. Features an "inner bounce bar" for added stability. Man, I love athletic lingo like that.

    Comfort level: 9. "I liked how it felt on my skin and it absorbed sweat nicely."

    Additional notes: One tester noted that it "didn't feel like it was tight enough to really hold 'the goods' in place for high impact activities," and suggested the item for "medium impact sports" like cycling or weight lifting.

    Would you buy again? "Definitely."

  • Nike Pro Sports Bra


    Image via Nike


    Price: $30, nike.com

    Available in: XS through XL

    Features: Made for light-impact sports like walking, weight-training, and yoga, this Dri-FIT bra is pretty basic.

    Comfort level: 10. "I could wear this thing all day."

    Additional notes: "Definitely wouldn't do anything too crazy in this bra. It's secure, but running I felt a little 'loose' if you know what I'm saying."

    Would you buy it again? "Sure, but I'd only wear it for yoga or something easy."

  • Enell Sport


    Image via Enell


    Price: $64 to $66, enell.com

    Available in: 32C through 50DDD, the sizing goes by number though. You can figure out your size here.

    Features: Made from a Lyrcra Spandex blend, this sports bra features a hook closure up the front that fastens your girls in place. Plus, it also totes a racer back for added support.

    Comfort level: 6. "I wouldn't exactly call it a comfy bra. It feels a lot like having your boobs duct-taped to your chest."

    Additional notes: "It feels amazing once you start high impact workouts. Basically, your girls aren't going anywhere. And if you have a large chest like me, that makes working out more comfortable and enjoyable."

    Would you buy it again? "YES! In fact, If I had my way, this is the only bra I would wear for any activity that requires me to jump, jiggle, or run."

  • C9 by Champion Seamless Racer Bra


    Image via Target

    Price: $8.49 to $16.99, target.com

    Available in: XS through XXL

    Features: Made mostly of nylon, this pullover sports bra has double-layered construction and a scoop neckline.

    Comfort level: 9. "I literally swear by this sports bra. Not just because it's super affordable, but because it gets the job done and always feels comfortable no matter how long I'm working out for."

    Additional notes: This sports bra comes in a TON of colors, and some of them are super bright.

    Would you buy it again? "Yes!"

  • Adidas Supernova Racer Bra


    Image via Adidas


    Price: $24, adidas.com

    Available in: Small through XL

    Features: This bra boasts a square neck with racer straps that provide high support. Mesh inserts on the front and back help with ventilation.

    Comfort level: 8. "It felt pretty standard to me."

    Additional notes: "I felt like the mesh on the front really made a difference cooling me down. That's always helpful when I'm dripping from the gym."

    Would you buy it again? "Yes."

  • Moving Comfort Luna


    Image via Moving Comfort


    Price: $54, movingcomfort.com

    Available in: 32B through 38DD

    Features: This seam-free bra has molded cups that are meant to give shape and provide coverage. The back has adjustable straps that provide a custom fit.

    Comfort level: 3. "Comfort? Not so much! More like boob crusher!"

    Additional notes: "I'm usually a small or a medium but this brand runs VERY small. I chose a large, and it was still tight after one wash. I'd say this brand is definitely out of the question for chestier ladies."

    Would you buy it again? "Nah, I'd pass."

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