12 Sports Bras Face Our Intense Test: Which Ones Beat the Bounce? (PHOTOS)

sports braBoobs. Big or small, real or enhanced -- they typically all need the same thing: support. Finding the perfect bra for everyday wear is one thing; however, finding the right kind of artillery to strap those puppies down for an intense workout is something totally different. That's right, I'm talkin' about the perfect sports bra. Whether your go-to exercise routine is a light late-afternoon jog around your neighborhood or a booty shakin' Zumba class, every woman needs the right bra for even her sweatiest workouts.

Lucky for you, the ladies here at The Stir have put some of today's most popular sports bras to the test. Check out these 12 different sports bra styles hoping to banish the (excessive) bounce.


Do you have a favorite sports bra? Have you ever tried any of these?


Image via Emily Abbate