6 Exercises Every Mom Needs to Do Her Job Well (PHOTOS)

mom running with a stroller

You just had your baby, the happy hormones have worn off, and now you want to lose the baby weight and recognize your old body again, right? Or maybe it’s been a couple of years and you haven't found the motivation to work out. Instead of focusing on the things you want to change about your body, try this: Why not train for motherhood? I promise, the side effects will be exactly what you want. 

When athletes work out, their goal isn’t to get rid of their love handles or to get more definition in their arms. When they train, their goal is to improve strength, endurance, and overall performance. And what are the side effects of this kind of functional training? Amazing-looking bodies. So, try these 5 exercises every mom should be doing to get the results you want!

Warning: Side effects of this fit mama workout will include body fat reduction, toned muscles, more energy, and feeling positive about your body.


Image via Carly Pizzani


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