'RHOC' Tamra Barney May Have Replaced Her Starvation Diet With Something Just as Bad

tamra barney working out with husband eddie judgeReal Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney may be a co-owner of a gym and look amazing for 46, but she hasn't always had her fitness act together. She recently admitted to Life & Style that she used to keep her weight in check in a seriously unhealthy way ... 

“I used to starve myself. I was skinny, but I was really flabby. Eating right has changed my body the most,” she explains. Ugh. That's so sad. But unfortunately, it really is so much more common than we probably even realize. Especially with the disgusting, disturbing "thinspiration/thinspo" culture that's thriving through social media like Instagram, women are hearing and encouraging one another to "eat less" -- like one totally sick Urban Outfitters t-shirt urged -- or not eat at all.

It's heartening to hear that Tamra's moved past her extreme, detrimental eating habits ... or has she?


She says that nowadays, she usually keeps her diet in check with one super-strict guideline: "No dairy; no sugar. Nothing white, basically."

I understand steering clear of dairy, simple carbs, and sugar for the most part, but doing it 24/7/365 and saying absolutely NO to all of that all of the time is a bit overboard. It's just not really a practical way to live your life. I mean, did she skip her own wedding cake? How 'bout cocktails with the girls or wine -- does she skip those on the regular? That's sugar! See what I mean? It's just taking a good, smart approach a bit too far.

Sounds like that's her forte, though, considering her workout regimen. She shares:

I’m at the gym every single day. So if I’m there, I might as well go take a class: Grit, cycling, dance, or something else. Sometimes I’ll do three classes in one day.

Three classes a day? Whhhhuuuuhh?! Okay, I guess if you work out for a living, it makes sense, but still -- extreme! 

While Tamra may be healthier than she was back in her starvation, flabby days, I feel like she may not be leading the most balanced lifestyle ... And that strikes me as a shame.

What do you think about Tamra's admission?


Image via Bravo

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