A 'Colorful' 5K Even Slow People Can Run? Yes, Please!

The Color RunI remember the first time I saw photos of a friend of mine participating in the Color Run, I thought it was totally awesome. I mean, who doesn't like to get all sorts of messy and take loads of ridiculous photos to show for it, right? With a nickname like "the happiest 5K on the planet," I knew the race was right up my alley. When I was given the chance to run the race in Brooklyn this past weekend as a correspondent for KIND, I grabbed it.

To say that the weather was picturesque was an understatement. With my Color Run T-shirt and a pair of old sneakers ready to go, I was prepared to get doused in five different shades of colored cornstarch.

I'll be honest -- this may be the first race I've ever done that I can say with confidence ANYONE can complete


The Color Run

The Color Run Brooklyn

The start was exactly what I'd expected: a whole bunch of runners sporting their Color Run T-shirts, white and untainted.

The Color Run Brooklyn

Then you run through these. There were five of them throughout the course. Essentially they have volunteers standing there who toss colored cornstarch at your clothes. While the orange one, our first checkpoint, was fairly tame ...

The Color Run Brooklyn

... the blue one, the last checkpoint, was a mess. At this point hardly any of the "runners" were running (the Color Run is a "fun run" that doesn't clock how long participants take to finish the course) and it was an absolute madhouse. Somewhere in there someone is making a snow angel in the blue dust, I promise.

These oddities, all the people playing around in the colored wonderland, are the bread and butter that make the Color Run so appealing. How many times have you or a friend joked that you could NEVER finish a 5K race? How many times have you absolutely dreaded running for more than a full minute on the treadmill? Well, I promise you, the Color Run is NOT like a normal race. You don't have to run the whole thing. Heck, you can skip it if you'd rather! Without being timed, the fun run is all about getting out, getting active, and having a blast. Just make sure not to wear anything you really care about.

Would I do it again? Most definitely. It's an excuse to get messy, and I'll admit that dancing around without a care in the world at the post-race party was a total blast. Plus, now I have loads of great photos to show for it.

Have you ever tackled the Color Run?


Images via Emily Abbate

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