Britney Spears' Secret to Rockin' Fit Figure Revealed

britney spears workoutBack when Britney Spears taking up residency at a Las Vegas hotel was just buzz, everyone said the pop star would need to whip herself into dynamic shape to pull it off. Now that the once-rumor is a known fact, it's obvious BritBrit's put in the work to look and feel incredible. The 31-year-old mama of two has been proudly flaunting her uber-fit figure in skimpy bikinis and other costumes, coloring the world impressed. (Although I could do without the booty cleavage-baring Daisy Dukes, but you know, still beats the "Gimme More" days!)

Now, we want to know HOW she did it, and thankfully, her trainer Tony Martinez is talking ...


He admitted to E! News:

[Britney]'s been a terror lately, working as hard as she can. She's using all sports right now to get ready for her 90-minute Las Vegas show.

Martinez went on to reveal that she's playing tennis, doing soccer drills. "She loves tennis. She likes to serve. She was serving the ball like Serena Williams!" he gushed. She also does boxing, football, and basketball -- in addition to "intense, interval training to keep her heart rate up" and other crazy, hardcore feats like climbing "a 10-foot fence" and doing several exercises with the trainer's core discs and workout bands. Awesome!

And although it sounds like a LOT, and I'm sure it is, Martinez seems to be emphasizing just how much FUN Brit is having while working out. Love. That. It's the best way to stay committed to an exercise regimen after all!

It also reminds me of back when she was training for her Onyx Hotel Tour ... (Remember, right before she dyed her hair, and met Kevin Federline, then fell and hurt her knee and had to bail on the whole thing?! AHHH!) Back then, it was obvious Britney loved to run, be active, play sports, do as many crunches as she possibly could every day. She was in her physical and career prime! From the looks of it, she's reclaimed that fun-loving devotion to fitness in a major way ... which means it's sounding more and more like her Vegas show is going to ROCK.

Are you psyched to see Britney's getting her fitness mojo back? What do you do for fun to stay fit?


Image via CL/Splash News

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