Eva Mendes Is Lucky That Her Mom Is Critical of Her Weight

eva mendesEva Mendes is probably one of the most envied women in America. Not just because of her rockin' bod or the fact that her hair is always perfectly voluptuous, but because her boyfriend is Ryan "Hey girl" Gosling. Hello! Can you imagine getting into bed with THAT sexy specimen every night?

Mendes covers the October issue of Lucky, and although she wouldn't get into the details of her relationship she did discuss her weight and body image. Talking about losing weight for her role in A Place Beyond the Pines, Mendes said slimming down and losing a few pounds is never hard for her. However, it is hard for her mom to see her on the thinner side.

"My mom didn't understand why I would want to look that way," she told Lucky. "She's constantly telling me I’m too skinny!"

Granted, she's talking about dropping a few pounds for a movie. However I think it's important for all of us to have that person who sets us straight when it comes to our bodies.

In a nice, constructive way of course.


Sometimes when you're working hard to tone up and lose weight, you stop being 100 percent realistic. It's easy to dwell on the numbers on a scale and lose sight of what looks good because you have some goal in mind. The truth? That goal may not always be a healthy one. Heck, I've definitely wanted to drop 10 pounds before when I didn't need to. At the time I just thought losing 10 pounds would make me feel better.

That's where having those anchors comes in handy. Whether it's your mom, a best friend, or a close coworker who you've bantered with about dieting thousands of times before -- this person is someone who has an unbiased point of view and genuinely wants what's best for you. Although it may not be easy to hear "you look great as you are" or inversely "maybe it's time to be a little more conscious about what you're eating," what's important is that you take the criticism with an open mind. Instead of fighting it, start a conversation. Ask why they feel the way they do, and maybe come up with ways together to approach weight loss in a healthy way.

Just like many things in life, it's always easier to get and stay healthy when you have a buddy helping you along the way.

Do you have someone, whether it be a family member or friend, who helps you stay healthy?


Image via Lucky

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