Kelly Osbourne's Wacky New Diet Claims to Slim Only Your Problem Spots

kelly osbourneKelly Osbourne has been super-vocal about having lost and kept weight off by making healthy choices over the junk food she used to call a staple, but she could reportedly have another trick up her sleeve: The "M-Plan" or Mushroom Diet. Whaaa??? 

Yes, apparently, she and Katy Perry are both fans of this fad plan which originated in the U.K. The diet claims to help women "spot-reduce" -- aka slimming "trouble areas" like your waist, thighs, and upper arms -- while keeping your bust perfectly voluptuous. Pffft. I'm sure it does.

All there is to it?


To follow the M-Plan, all you've gotta do is swap your regular lunch or dinner with a "mushroom-focused dish" for 14 days. Really? Does that mean chicken marsala with lots of spaghetti? How 'bout a portabella mushroom burger with gruyere on a brioche roll? Haha! 

Okay, obviously they mean vegetarian-style dishes where mushroom subs in for meat. It's not that nuts, especially considering the study from a couple of years back that showed fiber-rich and protein-packed mushrooms can be just as or more satisfying than meat! But still. There's no magnificent slimming secret behind mushroom-based dishes. Eating more of them just means eating fewer calories, registered dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot tells ABC. Fewer calories in vs. out means weight loss -- and not just in "trouble areas." 

Ultimately, if stars like Kelly and Katy are relying on this diet to keep their weight in check, that's cool. It's not exactly extreme, and it encourages healthy eating. It just sounds like particular promises are more mythical than magical!

What do you think about this fad diet?

Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia

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