Looking Fabulous Over 40 Doesn't Mean Giving Up All Your Unhealthy Vices

michelle pfeifferCan you believe that Michelle Pfeiffer is 55-years-old? Looking at her it's hard to see a difference between Michelle now and Michelle in 1983's 'Scarface'. All that's missing are the bangs. Some stars shrug-off their "ageless" appearance. They might claim it's the result of a lifetime of hard work. The funnier ones might admit to assistance from a plastic surgeon. Not so, with Michelle. She is just as baffled by her youthful looks as the rest of us.

That's because she hasn't always taken the best care of herself. The glamorous actress (who will always be Catwoman, at least in my heart) now lives a family-centered life outside of San Francisco with husband David E. Kelley. But, the bad habits from her younger days are proof that it's never too late to change your ways, and look and feel better for it. What sort of crazy stuff was Michelle doing?


For starters, she used to smoke two packs of cigarettes...a day! She's long since quit, but still! For all of you out there thinking it's too late, I present you with Michelle Pfeiffer's luminous skin and urge you not to despair. If she can bounce back from the smokes, so can you.

She was also a tried and true Coca-Cola fanatic, sharing that she used to "live" on the stuff. That's kind of hardcore. I've got a pretty brutal diet soda addiction, but the idea of drinking sugary soda all day is daunting even to me. But again, she didn't despair - she kicked the habit and looks great. Check out her smile!

In her 50s, Michelle is now a vegan, though she was a fan of meat when she was younger. She's also substituted starving herself for logging some major gym time. People who worry that the bad habits of a lifetime rule out any of the positive affects of adopting a healthy lifestyle should look at Michelle. She's a great example that it's never too late to reap all the sexy results that come with making positive changes.

What bad habits have you given up as you gotten older?


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