Brandi Glanville Needs to Stop Criticizing Her Own Body ... and So Do We!

brandi glanvilleNope. No. Non. Ne. Nein. Shut up. If Brandi Glanville has anything to be confident about (besides her fierce personality), it’s her rockin’ bod. Unfortunately, she thinks she needs to go on a diet. She even goes as far as to call herself "chubby." And let's face it: she definitely doesn't need to and she's nowhere near chubby.

The sad thing is that it seems like what Brandi is going through right now is probably what a majority of the women in "Hollywood" experience on a daily basis: the pressure to look good and be skinny. Honestly, it must be extremely difficult for them. The average woman already has pressure from society to look a certain way, and that pressure must be multiplied by a thousand for female celebrities. And let's be real, no one should be judging them.

Well, I'm here to say that Brandi is perfect as is and should love what she's got! Look how completely awesome she looks in all of these pics!

Do you find yourself being hard on yourself about your weight?

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

She is beautiful inside and out. I love her honesty, even though it can be brutal at times, and I would kill for those amazing legs!

nonmember avatar Whatthewhat

Are u serious...? Those legs looks like a skeleton....sickly and gross. Emaciated is not beautiful as all...gross

David Pittelli

"toned and powerful" -- Is that irony?

Tami McKnight

she looks sooo stoopid carrying that big's hilarious!!!!!!!!  hpv..comin thru

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