Snooki Hopes 'DWTS' Will Give Her the Booty of Her Dreams

SnookiI'm not a big fan of Dancing With the Stars, but I'm super stoked for the upcoming season after the reveal of the season 17 DWTS cast Tuesday morning on Good Morning America. Elizabeth Berkley, Amber Riley, Bill Nye "The Science Guy," and Christina Milian?! Hello, COMPETITION! But by far my favorite fist-pumping addition to the upcoming DWTS season is Snooki. The mother to cutest gorilla ever, Lorenzo, spoke with ABC about her upcoming gig, saying that as excited as she is for her ballroom debut, she's hoping she gets something else out of the experience too.

"I really want a butt," Snooki said. "I don't have a butt."

HA! And that's not all. The former Jersey Shore star also confessed that she doesn't want to lose her hard-earned muscles because of all this dancing. I know, you're probably thinking, "Huh?! She's gonna be exercising so much though!" But here's the catch: Doing one exercise all the time isn't the best idea.

Snooki's got a point.


Whether you're a runner, a fan of hopping onto the elliptical, or someone who is crazy into swimming laps at your local pool -- doing the same exercise all the time isn't exactly the best thing for your body. Yes, it's great that you're getting that cardio in! However, when you do the same exercise every day, your body gets used to performing them -- or, in other words, more efficient. So what's that mean? Well, a constant runner may not see as much change in muscle tone or weight loss because you're body isn't as "shocked" by the activity anymore.

The secret? Mixing things up. Plus varying your workout and trying something different, like Zumba, yoga, or rock climbing for example, will keep your muscles guessing. By keeping things interesting and adding in new exercises, you'll be able to work on different areas of the body and will see killer results.

Good news for Snooki, though. Dancing is one of those workouts where the movements are SO mixed up that it works all different parts of the body. Something tells me with the right attitude and dedication, Snooki's gonna be bootylicious in no time.

Are you excited to watch Snooki on DWTS? Do you mix up your workout routine?


Image via Snookinic/Instagram

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