Woman’s Extreme Weight Loss Captured in Jaw-Dropping GIF (VIDEO)

redditor weight lossAnyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that there are few things more difficult. It's very easy to parrot along the right phrases and make the process sound foolproof: Eat less, exercise more, and lose weight. Those words may be the truth, but in reality most of us get so overwhelmed by our long-term goals that we give up or never start.

That's why 26-year old Amanda and her story are so inspiring, but not for the reasons you think. Her story of slow, healthy weight loss is one you've heard before -- in the span of a year, she lost over 80 pounds. Sure, that's a lot of weight, but not unheard of. What makes her story so amazing?


The incredibly cool GIF of her compiled progress photos. I was mesmerized by the rapidly changing woman the images present. It isn't just the weight seemingly-melting from her frame. It's the way her whole energy changes. By the end, she looks like a different, happier person altogether. Transformation is about more than the pounds. Week by week, you get a sense that this isn't just a woman losing weight, it's a woman who has learned to embrace tiny, daily victories and bolstered her self-esteem in the process.



While the GIF shows a dramatic change in how she looks, the woman herself speaks to those little ordinary triumphs. She talks about drinking more water, doing a certain set of reps in a day, as being the real challenges to focus on. Clearly she's got the right idea and is now reaping the rewards. So what's the takeaway? When it comes to weight-loss, it's as much about perspective as it is the actual daily work. Her story is a great example about how focusing on small day-to-day wellness goals can change your life in the long-term.

What small changes can you make to benefit your health during your day?


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