5 Useless Gym Exercise Machines & What to Do Instead (PHOTOS)

Photo of woman using outer thigh machine

Every gym has them. Useless exercise machines, which promise so much ... and deliver so little. Gym goers everywhere can be found using these machines daily, thinking they're targeting their love handles, muffin top, or saddlebags. Sadly, the human body just doesn't work this way. You can do exercises for your outer thighs until you collapse, but the only thing that's going to reduce fat in that area is eating a moderate diet, strength training all the muscles in your body, and regular cardio.

Even looking past the cold, hard fact that you can't spot reduce fat, you may not even be working the muscles you think you are!


Check out this slideshow that reveals the 5 most useless gym exercise machines and what exercises you can be doing instead!

Image via Carly Pizzani

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