10 Embarrassing Workout Stories That Will Make You Squirm (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Aug 30, 2013 Healthy Living

workout When it comes to working out, there is tons of room for embarrassment. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I look like an absolute buffoon the second I start dripping sweat. Running, doing a Zumba class, trying out karate at a local gym -- all of these activities may help you shed pounds but leave plenty of room for failure, flailing arms, and equipment error.

The truth? If an embarrassing workout moment has happened to you, then it's probably happened to hundreds thousands of others, too.

Check out our hilarious roundup of 10 workout embarrassing moments, here:

  • 10 Hilarious Workout Blunders

  • Covered in Mud


    Image via Emily Abbate

    "I was finishing a 10-mile run and was SUPER tired, and I somehow tripped and fell into a gigantic puddle of mud. I had to run another mile until I got home and could wash myself off. I’m sure many people laughed."

  • Awkward Compliments


    Image via Noodles and Beef/Flickr

    "There's a guy at the gym who keeps complimenting how much I've improved since I started with my trainer ... and I've been sort of like, 'Wait, what, you've been watching me all this time!?' Definitely weird and embarrassing. Makes me feel very self-conscious, too!"

  • Treadmill Oopsie


    Image via Emily Abbate

    "One time I was at the gym on the treadmill. Sometimes when it was time to get off, I'd kind of ride it to the edge as it slowed down and then hop off as opposed to waiting for it to stop.

    Usually it was no big deal, but then one day it was still going too fast or something and I fell and busted my butt right there in the middle of a packed workout room. And everyone looked at me and no one did or said anything.

    I was fine, but you'd think since I was living in Tennessee at the time, somebody could've thrown a little southern hospitality my way!"

  • Yoga Uh-Oh


    Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

    "In yoga class I realized I had a hole in my leggings that was smack dab right on my lady parts. I happened to be in downward dog when I realized this. I packed up my stuff and slipped out of class. Seeing me try to leave, the receptionist asked what happened and I told her. 'Oh, but it’s all women in there, no one cares,' she said.

    "Ahh, no. She lent me some pants."

  • A Karate Stink


    Image via The Ridge Resorts/Flickr

    "I took karate for four years, and we used to have our practices in a racquetball court. If you're familiar with racquetball courts, you know that they're like giant echo chambers, right? 

    "So just imagine bending over during the stretching portion of the session, when everyone is super quiet because the Sensei is telling everyone what to do ... and farting ... in an echo chamber."

  • A Little Accident


    Image via MilitaryHealth/Flickr

    "One time I peed my pants while running on the treadmill at my gym and didn't realize it until I got home. The entire run, I remember wondering why everyone around me stank so badly!" 

  • Running Fail


    Image via Emily Abbate

    "Once I was running a 5K in my town and saw a good friend of mine cheering for me on the sideline. I wanted to look really cool so she could snap a great photo of me, and in the process, I got so distracted putting my serious face on that I literally ran into the woman in front of me. I'm sure THAT made for a great photo!"

  • A Funny Stretching Session


    Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

    "Once I was stretching against a building waiting for a girlfriend to come meet me for a long run. I went to go put my leg up on a ledge, completely missed, and fell forward into the wall.

    "Suddenly, I heard laughter, turned around, and saw three teenage boys just laughing uncontrollably at me. Thanks guys, I'm an idiot. I know."

  • Flirting FAIL


    Image via Emily Abbate

    "Once I pretended I didn't know how to use a machine so a cute guy could help me. He ended up leaving notes on my car and asking me on a date.

    "When I finally went out with him, he brought his parents. ON OUR DATE! I wish he just kept his mouth closed and only moved his biceps."

  • Tampon TMI


    Image via Emily Abbate

    "One time I had my period and wanted to run to the gym. I slipped a small tampon in my bra along with my keys, and off I went. When I walked into the gym, I went to go scan my swipe card to get in attached to my keys. As I pulled it out, the tampon fell onto the counter in front of me, and the man who worked there looked at me like I was an alien. I felt SO awkward. Sorry, dude, I didn't have any pockets!"


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