Valerie Harper May Join 'DWTS' After Beating Brain Cancer in Great Act of Bravery

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Valerie HarperIt was only in March that Valerie Harper was tragically diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given only three months to live. OMG! How terrible. What would you do if given only three months to live? Well, if you're Valerie, who starred in the Mary Tyler Moore Show, you not only live for longer than anticipated, but you live out loud! You live like crazy. You live like everyone should live. You go on Dancing with the Stars! For it's rumored that Valerie will be in the new DWTS lineup this fall!

The official cast won't be announced for another couple of weeks, but TMZ reports that Valerie will be one of the cast, along with Leah Remini, Snooki, Amber Riley from Glee, Elizabeth Berkley, and Christina Milian. Hey, I love Valerie and will be rooting for her, but my money is on Elizabeth. Let's not forget how she shimmied down a stripper pole in Showgirls.

If Valerie does join the cast, that's gobsmackingly inspiring. The amount of work the cast members do is legendary. They really get ripped and whipped into shape. The rehearsals alone are grueling. Can a woman who has brain cancer find the energy to compete on this level? Not to mention that she's 74?

Well, might as well try, right? If she's got only a certain amount of time to live, she should go for all of her dreams. If this was one of them, then that's awesome she is trying it. TMZ says she's partnered up with Tristan McManus and has already been practicing.

And who knows, maybe the physical demands of the show will help her health. As it is, she's reportedly "almost in remission," and her doctor says she has "defied the odds." In an interview with Meredith Vieira that will air in September, Valerie says, "I just want to live every moment to the fullest."

And if that means competing on Dancing With the Stars, I'm sure she'll have millions cheering her on. So much of your health can depend on your mental attitude. Valerie has a miraculous one.

Will you watch DWTS this season? What do you think about Valerie possibly competing?


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nonmember avatar Erin

No, she is not in remission.....this brain cancer will kill her as treatment will become ineffective asthe cancer becomes sort of immune to it in a way. I hate to be a party pooper, but please get ypur facts straight before you publish a FALSE story. This writer needs to do some fact checking before making an outrageous claim that brain.cancer is in remission.....prayers for valerie to remain at.peace and healthy.

Nelli... NellieAthome

I agree that the writers of The Stir are poor researchers, if they bother to research at all, and Ms Blakeley is among the worst but..... per the AP:


NEW YORK - Valerie Harper's doctor says the actress' brain cancer is getting close to remission.

The 74-year-old former sitcom star had announced in March that she had an incurable form of cancer and was given as little as three months to live. She's still here - and working, hired for a TV movie that filmed this month.

Dr. Jeremy Rudnick said Thursday on NBC's "Today" show that Harper has defied the odds. But he says the problem is that Harper's prognosis can change at any time.

He and Harper agree that life is about buying time.

Debbie Bush

My brother in law had brain cancer, He died in Jan. of this year. Took it 2 years to get it done, But it won in the end.

Debra Turner

I doubt it very much. Her health wouldn't inable her to have the energy to do a strenuous show like DWTS, and she has better judgment than that.

It would also be painful to watch as a viewer because common sense tells you a person still fighting terminal cancer shouldn't be doing the show.

Pattie Borelli

I love Valerie..but if she is on I hope Derek gets her..its his turn to have one of the seniors in the business...


Nelli... NellieAthome

Debra Turner said " It would also be painful to watch as a viewer because common sense tells you a person still fighting terminal cancer shouldn't be doing the show.."

Ummmm why? Should she hide herself away so you won't have to be uncomfortable?

If she wants to be on the show then she should go for it. ANYONE fighting terminal cancer should do whatever the hell they want to do to enjoy what is left of their lives and if people are uncomfortable watching them then tough sh@t.

Ferri Flower

"Life is all about buying time ..." are the great words.

Like wise getting the goods with best price through online is the prettiest thing. For this visit ...

nonmember avatar Eileen Williams

I think it is wonderful and if she does compete I pray she will do great. However, I do believe the judges need to be cognizant that this is a contest for the best talent, and that need to be fair and not put her cancer in the mix when making a decision for the best talent.

But my prayers go out to Valerie I grew up watching her on the Mary Tyler Moore show and she is just a very funny down to earth person. God Bless

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