Lea Michele's First Birthday Without Cory Monteith Can't Be Easy

Lea Michele 27 BirthdayToday we wish a very, very happy birthday to Lea Michele. Glee's shining star is turning 27 today.

I feel bad for her. No, not just because she shares the same birthday as Courtney Stodden, but because birthdays are usually such a celebration, turning another year older in your 20s, that's usually fun. But this birthday marks the first of many Lea will face without her boyfriend Cory Monteith by her side, who died July 13 at 31 years old. This birthday is the one that he was planning a "big surprise" for before he passed. One that now she'll never have.

So how will she be spending her big 2-7? An insider tells Life & Style that Michele is celebrating "with her girlfriends" and will have "a low-key night."

Man. Grieving when you want to be celebrating. I've been there. You've probably been there. It's never, never easy.


None of us can control when the unexpected horrors of life occur, but they do. There are so many times when you want to celebrate something, whether it be a birthday, an engagement, finishing your first big marathon, or whatever the case may be, and there's a bigger tragic event looming over your head. In those scenarios, it's natural to feel sad even though it's a happy occasion. It's natural to want to hide even though others around you may want to rejoice.

The important thing is that even during a time of grief, you can't get mad at yourself when you don't want to feel sad. Bad things happen. It's the natural progression of life and time that, sooner or later, you will move forward emotionally.

Today, I hope that despite being without Cory, Lea smiles. Today, I'm glad to hear that the starlet will be surrounded by her girlfriends, handling this happy occasion the best way she knows how. Today, I hope she thinks of all of the great things she's done, and looks forward to the next 27 years (and more) ahead of her. 

Happiest of birthdays, Lea.


Image via msleamichele/Instagram

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