Crazy Dance Party Workouts Are All the 'Rave' but Can They Really Help You Slim Down?

djs at morning glory raveFor most of us, getting up and going to the gym can be extremely challenging. I can personally attest to the fact that once you get into the habit, it gets easier, but you'll still have your days when you feel like "WHHHYYYY?" That's one of the reasons fitness-savvy people in the U.K. have started a new trend: Throwing raves in the morning and calling it a workout! Yes, a rave, as in a jam-packed party with a DJ, flashing lights, the works! But no drugs, no drinking, just good, old-fashioned sweatin' it out to dance music, wearing workout wear -- and glow sticks. Sounds like a blast to me!

And it's not just fun -- it's effective. One of the biggest selling points: You might burn between 500 to 600 calories an hour by dancing nonstop at a club, which is the same as you would at a high-impact aerobics class ... But wouldn't you rather be at a club?!


The people behind one of the rave workouts, Morning Glory, explain that they started it because they feel like so many people rarely get the opportunity to let loose and dance. Either because their job requires them to be sitting so much during the day and/or because when you grow up and get a family and start a responsible adult life, "going clubbing" becomes a thing of the single life past. But that doesn't mean we should give up the opportunity to move! Beyond being a fantastic calorie-torching activity, it's such a stress reliever! Who couldn't use that?!

It's also true that we're more inclined to stick with a workout that's fun -- and has a social element! It's why Zumba's so big, and competitive types love spin classes. This morning rave concept seems to take the idea of having fun while getting your cardio (and toning and streching, all part of the rave workout run by another group called Fitness Freaks) in to the next level. How long til the trend crosses the pond? Cuz I want in!

Here's a report from the BBC on Morning Glory ...

Would you love to workout this way?


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