The 8 Stages of Motivating Ourselves to Get Our Butts to the Gym

working outOhhhhh, working out. It's not exactly the first thing a majority of us want to do the second we start our day. Not to say that there's no enjoyment in it. Of course there is! Heck, walking up those extra three flights of stairs on that dusty ol' StairMaster in the corner of hell the gym lifts your butt. That lifted butt gets you noticed. Badabing. Badaboom.

But can we, if only for just a second, talk about the stages of working out? You know, like the emotions that go hand-in-hand with getting your rear to the gym in the first place? From the second you first think about going to the gym to the moment you leave -- check out the 8 stages of physical fitness here:


1. You first think about going to the gym, but you'd rather do this:

workout gif

2. Then you think about your workout mantra. Note: Your workout mantra is completely unrealistic.

workout gif

3. But regardless, you get your butt up and get going toward the fantastic domain of physical fitness:

working out gif

4. Suddenly, you start to feel motivated. And you think maybe I should just run there!

running to gym

... hey, at least you tried.

5. You've made it to the gym. Great job! The only catch? While you think you look like this:

gym gif

6. What you really look like:

workout gif

7. But regardless, you feel accomplished because YOU DID IT!

king of the world

8. Since you've sweated a whole bunch, it's obviously time to think about your next meal:

pizza wings

Can you relate?


Images via Brisbane City Council/Flickr, Tumblr

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