Do You Use Deodorant? Julia Roberts Doesn't


deodorantJulia Roberts said on Oprah this year that she doesn't wear deodorant. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Cafe Kierna recently asked us Is Your Child Old Enough for Deodorant?

Personally, I've always thought it was a little weird to use chemicals to stop sweating, which is a natural and necessary process to being human. But the flip side is to smell like that weird guy in spin class, so I've always gone with deodorant.

Here are more pros and cons.

Deodorants are safe, according to the FDA:

  • The FDA issued a final rule in June 2003 establishing conditions under which over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants are generally recognized as safe and effective, and are not misbranded. The final rule establishes allowable ingredients and labeling for the products. (Translation: The mainstream stuff at CVS is FDA-approved.)
  • The FDA adds: The rise of the Internet has made it easy for false health claims, scary stories, and rumors to reach millions of people in a matter of minutes. One such myth says that antiperspirants may cause breast cancer. Deodorant does not cause breast cancer.

But some experts say deodorants are not safe at all:

  • Christine Harlow, a.k.a. “The Ingredients Investigator,” who has been researching the safety of the ingredients in common personal care products since 1991, says most deodorant isn't safe and is loaded with toxic chemicals.
  • In an article on MSNBC, she advises people to avoid deodorants that include parabens, aluminum, triclosan, talc and propelyn glycol.

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I just checked, and the well-known brand I use contains three of those toxic ingredients listed above. But I'm kind of torn. I've used the all-natural brands, and well, sometimes I still smell.

What do you think? Is deodorant safe?

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cmari... cmarielin

There was a news article somewhere recently about a teenage boy who actually died from overdoing the deodorant....I think it was on the hotlist a month or so ago. 

nwdes... nwdeserangel

My DH doesn't wear deodorant. Several months ago, he cleaned up his diet a bunch and no longer has to wear it because he just doesn't get stinky at all. 



yes there is so much about this. cancer elated and all. i wonder why?outside of the some may get it inspite of all . but i wonder if sometimes we put to much and everday sometime over and over in between showers and all. some may be more sensitive. but i am a stay at home so i my not use it the same way. but i do and very little and i take a shower everday and night. so i thought winter is not so bad if i dont need it. and i just use wipes in between and add powder. if it does not work i try lemon juice with essential oils . so summer is harder. so i use it sometimes i judege what i nned to do. and carry those wipes who cares. and i have my oils and they are all prepared for me. just use and wipe. then i was them and use them for the dryer with essential oils for clothes. usethem all but there comes a time where they wear out eh! ok my2sense


deodorant vs anti-persperants is there a major or at all difference?

big_sky big_sky

I've switched from deodorant to a crystal rock, which is basically a big piece of salt.  You wet the salt or your armpit and apply it under your arms.  After you're finished using it, wipe the crystal off and cover with it's cap.  It's something like a roll-on and it works!  I've been using this over a year and never have any body odor, and that's even with living in Phoenix when we're having 118 degree heat.

Manda... Manda5463

I don't use deodorant at all. My husband always looks at me funny, but I don't think I stink! hahaha, nor sweat alot.

nonmember avatar twitch_64

Because we use alkaline soaps/detergents to wash with, this destroys the acid mantle of the skin. The bacteria responsible for body odor thrive in an alkaline environment. The bacteria that multiply in the alkalinity of the skin feed on the sweat of our bodies creating a stink.

If we stop using soap and apply apple cider vinegar to our arm pits for several minutes prior to a shower with no soap, rinsing with water only, this not only destroys the bacteria but prevents them from forming after the fact. I've tried this and it definately works. The key is to never use soap or let your shampoo get into the underarm area or any other area of the body that creates sweat. (this includes the private areas as well.) Try it for 3 days and see for yourself. No soap, use vinegar then a wash cloth with water only, the skin stays acidic, no body odor is created, its that simple. It's a matter of simple chemistry.

Magnesium and zink deficiencies also cause a body to develop a stronger, pungent body odor.

Propolyne Glycol found in deodorant and anti-persperant is a cousin of anti freeze and exactly why they use it in many body products, to keep from freezing. It gets in your body and does not leave unless you take something to force it out of your system.

massa... massagegiftmom

I use a crystal rock product it's in liquid spray form I prefer that to the roll on or rock that you rub on skin, the spray works great and if I have a particularly big day I'll carry some with me for extra protection.  It kills scent instantly, and protects me usually all day.  My dh uses deoderant and had a really bad red rash for years.  I told him he was allergic and had to stop using the products.  He stopped and now his dark red angry rash is lightening up and healing.  The jury is IN, Deoderant is OUT! 

If you want more info about the product I use PM me.


trelimon trelimon

no deodrant for me. i just take a bath or wipe my pits with water if they smell. i have a toms of main deoderant stick some where but who knows where it is. im a stay at home mom so its not like im in a cubicle or a desk right next to some one. i dont think i smell nor does my husband!

auror... aurorabunny

As someone already mentioned, I no longer have to wear deoderant since cleaning up my diet and neither does my husband. 

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