10 Motivations Real Women Have for Working Out (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Aug 23, 2013 Healthy Living

10 Motivations Real Women Have for Working OutGetting off the couch and making time for a workout is a challenge for so many of us every day. But it certainly helps if we have a clear objective, an inspiration, a motivation that continues to drive us even when the weather's crappy or we're feeling tired or out of sorts. Sadly, the ridiculous "motivations" we hear all the time aren't at all realistic enough to keep anyone engaged! Women rarely stick with a workout if they go into it looking for that "bikini body," perfect post-baby body, Michelle Obama's arms, or Jen Aniston's abs. It's gotta be about more than that.

That's why we asked 10 real women to share with us what drives them to work out -- to do yoga, go to Zumba classes, run marathons. And their poignant and meaningful reasons for getting and staying in shape are so much better than wanting to look like a celebrity! Check 'em out ...

What motivates you to work out?

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