'Model Workout' Is the Secret to Lifting Your Booty -- Fast!

Model_Workout_TipsI'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you probably don't love working out every day all the time. It's OK, neither do I. Half the time when it's time to workout, I'd SO much rather be lying on the couch catching the tail-end of Hoda and Kathie Lee gabbing during the fourth hour of Today. So when I do work out, I want that sweaty commitment to really count. Right? Right.

Which is why I turn to pro tips from trainers to the stars like Andrea Orbeck, who works with Victoria's Secret models and Heidi Klum. A woman who has the knowledge to get those models runway ready? I'm all ears! Check out Orbeck's go-to model workout that'll help get your booty lifted and kick your metabolism into high gear.


Orbeck's model workout is all about interval training. She asks her clients to run at full speed for two minutes, jog or do a brisk walk for one minute, then repeat those two steps over the course of a half hour.

In my eyes, there are two benefits here. The first benefit: anyone can do it. Whereas heading out for a six-mile run can be super intimidating, intervals allow people of all different fitness levels to rev up the heart rate while taking things one step at a time. For someone who may just be getting back into working out, the two-minute sprint at high intensity may be a LOT slower than someone who's an avid runner. You know what? That's just fine.

Benefit #2: You won't get bored. Since you're constantly switching your pace from fast to slower movements, you're remaining engaged. This helps keep the workout fun, and in my past experience, I'm less likely to quit halfway through.

Make sure to start and end this interval routine with stretching and there you have it: an entire body workout in under 40 minutes!

Have you ever tried interval training? Do you like it?

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