Woman Says Diet Company Stole Her Photos & Lied About Her Weight Loss

diet photosWe've all been lured in by those claims: Lose weight fast! Watch the fat just melt away! Those come ons are hard to resist, especially when you are desperate to lose weight. But what really hooks us are those unbelievable before and after photos proving how amazing this product is. Well, one blogger is accusing a diet site of stealing her year-long weight loss photos and marketing them as a 30-day weight loss plan.


According to Roni Noone, a diet program stole her photos and used them to lie to unsuspecting customers. In reality, it took her a year and she didn't use some sounds-too-good-to-be-true diet plan to do it. Chronicling her weight loss on her website RonisWeigh.com, she did it the only way that has proven to work time and again: watching what she eats and exercising.

Roni was understandably upset. First they had used her photos in an advertisement without her permission and second, they were lying. "I can’t even tell you how many times I bought into a diet or supplement based on the before and after photos. After all, pictures don’t lie," she wrote.

But it just goes to show that a lot of these diet companies are dishonest about the weight loss and the timing. It gives us false hope that it can happen fast and there's a quick fix. But truth of the matter is, there just isn't. There is no magic pill. There is no miracle weight loss cure. Slimming down just doesn't come easy. It's a downer, I know. I have been on the quest for that get-thin-quick product for years. Oh well, it’s back to salads and the treadmill.

Do you usually believe those before and after photos diet plans use?


Image via ronisweigh.com

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