Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Have to Quit Smoking to Prove She's on the Mend

lindsay lohan smoking Lindsay Lohan may have sworn up and down to Oprah that she's turning over a new leaf and striving to lead a clean, sober life post-rehab, but that hasn't stopped her from lighting up. Since her OWN interview aired, the actress has been photographed smoking cigarettes at various locations, my favorite of which has to be on an NYC sidewalk right after taking a Soul Cycle spin class. HA! 

So much for embracing a completely healthy lifestyle! But hey, baby steps, right?


I mean, let's be real here. While it would be awesome to think Lindsay might have walked out of rehab Adderall-, alcohol-, coke-, and nicotine-free, I'm actually not at all surprised that she's still having at the cancer sticks. It just wouldn't be realistic to expect LiLo to have dropped every single crappy habit she's battled over the past, what, 10+ years already. You can't expect someone who is battling various addiction demons to take on too much at once.

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When you have much bigger, more immediately pressing health issues/concerns to contend with -- like Lindsay does -- I don't see any point in freaking out about the slightly (key word -- cigarettes are still disgusting) less detrimental, more minor vices. One thing at a time! It's a little bit like trying to lose weight by eating frozen meals or 100-calorie snack bars. No, they're not ideal, whole, super-nutritious foods, but if they can help you learn basic portion control and calorie-counting, at least it's somewhere to start.

Sure, doing a "full clean sweep" and completely trading all of her toxic vices for green juice, chia seeds, and meditation straightaway would have probably been a bit too ambitious for Lindz. Of course I hope she'll kick the cigs at some point, but in the meantime, we should take heart in the fact that it looks like the worst thing she's doing right now is smoking her brains out. Which is totally gross, but it's not like it's going to keep her from moving on with her life. As long as she stays far away from falling back on the bottle and/or anything else illegal, she's in better shape than she was before!

How do you feel about LiLo continuing to light up?


Image via JDH Images/Splash News

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