Being Married Is No Excuse for Becoming a Couch Potato

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Post-wedding, post-workout and feelin' good!
Among one of the most annoying things you'll hear as a newlywed is anything involving how now that you've tied it up with The One, you can basically "let yourself go." Have that doughnut! Skip the gym! Okay, it's rare that anyone will say that to you explicitly, but it's disturbingly common to find yourself facing the implication that eating clean and keeping up your exercise routine doesn't matter now that the Big Day is over. You may encounter remarks like, "Wow, I can't believe how much you're still working out!" which can feel like a backhanded or at least bizarro compliment.

Because just like questions about how much independence you now have or when you're going to "start trying," any sort of assumption that you've stopped -- or should stop! -- caring about your fitness since becoming a Mrs. is ridiculous.


Sure, pre-wedding trimming down and/or toning up is simply a given for many of us. But if we could do it before, why wouldn't we do it after?

Maybe it's because we're constantly bombarded with messages about targeting our weight loss/maintenance goal to a particular event -- be that walking down the aisle or hitting the beach or debuting your body after having a baby. But therein lies a seriously detrimental outlook that lends itself to yo-yo dieting. Do we really want to eat right and only sporatically hit the gym when that Next Big Thing is around the corner? Wouldn't be so much better to lead a healthy lifestyle every day for all sorts of short- and long-term benefits?

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That's what I've been going for for several years now. My wedding was just extra incentive to train intensely and to really see how much I could "clean" up my diet. Sure, a major, once-in-a-lifetime deadline of sorts looming in front of me made it imperative that I get to the gym and steer clear of too much dessert. But even though that date has now come and gone, what I did before showed me what I'm capable of. And I'm not going to let that go anytime soon. I want to keep leading this healthy lifestyle for many reasons -- like laying the foundation for a fit pregnancy to simply feeling strong to being comfortable in my clothes.

In the end, it's kinda like getting married ... The wedding day is awesome, but it's only the beginning of a whole new chapter. And the best is yet to come.

How did your pre-wedding fitness efforts carry through to married life?


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