Gia Allemand Seemed Fine Before Suicide Says 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky

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Gia Allemand

Fans were shocked when Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand took her own life this week. But friends and family were even more shocked and devastated, since many are saying that there were no "signs" that Gia was thinking of killing herself. Good friend Ali Fedotowsky, who met Gia on The Bachelor, says that she just had dinner with Gia last week and that while Gia was struggling with some issues that Ali won't reveal, she says that there was no evidence that her friend was even considering such a tragic act.

Ali told E! News, where she has just started a job as a correspondent:

It's hard to see that she wanted to cut [her life] short because she was talking about that she wanted to work with animals, that she really loved that, how she could take that volunteering work and make it a job, that she loved people and wanted to work with people.

Friend Loredana Ferriolo, who is famous for writing a book about her affair with Tiger Woods, also said she saw no signs, other than that Gia seemed to be crying when she spoke to her the night before Gia killed herself. Loredana told the New York Daily News:

Either she was crying or she had a cold. I asked her and she paused and said, 'Yeah, I have a cold.' I thought she was crying. But she insisted it was a cold. I was with her a week before and everything was fine.

The truth is, it can sometimes be impossible to know that someone is planning suicide. While there are some basic signs, such as talking about suicide, giving away possessions, or showing signs of deep depression, there can also be no big signs at all. People often go through times of struggle and upheaval -- that is part of life. But unless someone comes out and says they want to kill themselves, you can't really read anyone else's mind.

Friends and family feel horrible that they didn't see it coming. Can you ever really know? What can you do if you suspect? Or even if you don't suspect but feel your loved one is going through a tough time? says that some suicide signs can be very subtle. One predictor can be someone talking about feeling "hopeless," or having a bleak future, or having "nothing to look forward to." A suicidal person may also have dramatic mood swings, and lose interest in activities he or she once enjoyed, or even day-to-day activities. There can also be changes in sleeping or eating patterns.

It doesn't sound like Gia had those, but the people who were in the best position to know, like her boyfriend, NBA star Ryan Anderson, shouldn't blame themselves if they didn't know what was coming. No one ever really knows the true extent of the demons someone else is fighting. As Ali says about her good friend:

If she had said something to any one of us, we would have been there.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please call a suicide prevention hotline. There are always people who want to talk to you and help you. Please reach out to your friends. They want to help. You can reach help at: 1-800-273-TALK.

Don't give up!

Have you or a friend ever thought about suicide?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Her family has issued a statement through People magazine asking that people disregard anything that Lordedana says, because Gia thought she was crazy. They were not, in fact, best friends. Just another reason we shouldn't believe everything we read.

TheCu... TheCuriousOne

Yeah, I have. Still do, almost every day. But when I do, I reach out to friends whom I know you give me the feeling of being loved or give me a laugh to relax a bit.

And take it one day at a time, since making a long term plan can add to the pressure.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

My grandfather committed suicide. He never gave on inkling that he was unhappy or depressed, and didn't leave a note.

Missy Oney-Baumann

My son committed suicide 3 years ago, he had attempted twice before; however, it had been a while. He was extremely Bi-polar; unfortunately, I knew it wasn't a matter of "if" but "when". He never left a note.

K Carol B. Hamilton

Is it possible that someone else did this to her?????????????????   It is so hard to imagine she would do herself.  So pretty in spirit ...   Is it even possible that someone had a hand in this separate from herself? 


Vickie Renee Bergman

Yes quite often in fact..sometimes it like I am living in a life I don't think I actually deserve to be in. So I have thought that if I just remove myself from the story then it will be better for the person I am with.The more I think about over 20 yrs of my life was wasted, it becomes very depressing. I tell myself over and over again that Karma will give him what he has coming to him, but Karma is always so slow and suicide can be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes. Yes others will hurt for the loss, but if you stick around then you are the one hurting..A persons death can usually be easily comforted, but a persons pain from someone just being hateful everyday never goes away until you are away from the mean person.And then again it is usually easier said than done..

nonmember avatar jlynn

@,k carol..i was wondering the same thing..has the boyfriend been investigated?@Vickie im worried about you.. u need to talk to somebody immediately..suicide is not the answer. please take my advice you are worth being happy..

Barbara Palaith-Newson

I think her fragility was one of the qualities that endeared her to so many.  She had the looks and the circle of friends but her direction seemed to be what suffered.  Story seems to indicate she was missing that complete love connection she wanted for her life.  Her patience perhaps had run out or she was dismayed with life at present.  Sad, you just wish she'd been stronger to not take this action with her life.  She much loved and admired.  The rest of her life lay ahead.

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