6 Late-Night Snacks That Won't Pack on the Pounds (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Aug 15, 2013 Healthy Living

late night snacksSaying I'm always hungry would probably be an exaggeration, but I definitely feel like I could eat all the time. Even worse? My hunger has a tendency to frequently kick in late at night. You know, before bedtime. There I am, laying around watching some solid reality TV when, WHAM, it kicks in. The hard truth: Studies have show that eating after 8 p.m. is associated with a higher body mass index. You know what that means? Late-night eating is NOT a good thing.

But sometimes you just can't help it, right? Sometimes you are starving and just can't get some shuteye without putting something in your stomach. So what's a hungry lady to do? Eat, of course. Just eat smart.

Check out these 6 healthy late-night options, here:

What do you eat late at night?


  • Frozen Blueberries


    If you're anything like me, you LOVE ice cream. Ice cream, however, has loads of calories and isn't an ideal late-night munch. Opt for frozen fruit, like blueberries, instead. Plus, blueberries are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Score!

  • Popcorn


    Popcorn is an excellent snack because it's CRAZY low in calories, rich in fiber, and fills you up. Plus, the suggested serving size is generally three cups, which feels like a lot when you're super hungry. Always a good thing in my book.

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding


    Ahhhh, chocolate. Definitely not optimal when it comes to a late snack. However, sugar-free chocolate pudding (like JELL-O's dark chocolate) totally satisfies that craving without the guilt. Plus, it's only 60 calories!

  • Cereal


    Just be SUPER careful about what kind of cereal. Certain brands (like Cap'N Crunch and Smorz) are very high in sugar and not exactly what you want in your system pre-sleep. Also, make sure to watch the serving size. For most options, it's only 3/4 cup!

  • Frozen Yogurt -- Literally


    I am a HUGE fan of freezing Dannon's Light & Fit yogurt and treating it as a dessert. My favorite flavors when frozen? Banana and piña colada, hands down.

  • Walnuts


    Walnuts will satisfy your desire for crunch and are a nutritional powerhouse. The best part? They boast melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep, which makes them an optimal choice right before bedtime.