6 Late-Night Snacks That Won't Pack on the Pounds (PHOTOS)

late night snacksSaying I'm always hungry would probably be an exaggeration, but I definitely feel like I could eat all the time. Even worse? My hunger has a tendency to frequently kick in late at night. You know, before bedtime. There I am, laying around watching some solid reality TV when, WHAM, it kicks in. The hard truth: Studies have show that eating after 8 p.m. is associated with a higher body mass index. You know what that means? Late-night eating is NOT a good thing.

But sometimes you just can't help it, right? Sometimes you are starving and just can't get some shuteye without putting something in your stomach. So what's a hungry lady to do? Eat, of course. Just eat smart.

Check out these 6 healthy late-night options, here:


What do you eat late at night?