The Truth About Sugar Is Worse Than We Thought


candyThere was a time when I used to swear that no matter what, I would never want to give up sugar. As someone who loves chocolate and loves to bake, how could I ever do without cupcakes, cookies, pies, sigh ... I mean, YOLO!

But as it may turn out, eating too much sugar may mean not living nearly as long as you would otherwise. Eek! Researchers at the University of Utah fed mice a daily diet of 25 percent extra sugar -- the equivalent of a healthy human diet plus three cans of soda -- and found that female mice were twice as likely to die and have fewer babies than those on a diet without the added sugar. OMG. Crazy, right?

Maybe even freakier: Thirteen to 25 percent of Americans currently consume a dose of added sugar equivalent to that used in the study.

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Knowing people were bound to be like, "Pfft, whatever, who cares about MICE, dude!" the study's senior author, biology professor Wayne Potts, stressed that his findings are definitely relevant to humans. And he's even personally reduced refined sugar intake and encouraged his family to do the same.

As a recovering sugar addict, I'm totally on board with what Potts is saying. The more we seem to learn about refined sugar, the uglier it gets. The benefits are so minimal compared to the drawbacks. And when we have even more access to healthier, more natural options with a far less turbulent effect on blood sugar like agave and stevia and, oh, I don't know, plain ol', straight from the earth FRUIT -- why shouldn't do what we can to steer clear of super-processed sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and white sugar? Especially when it might make for a longer, fuller life ... 

Does this make you want to change how much sugar you eat?


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Felip... FelipesMom

The only benefit of sugar is that it tastes good. And, thanks to our culture, that eating sugar makes it easier to eat without making everything from scratch at home. There is refined sugar in EVERYTHING - and half the time (or more!) there isn't even any good reason for it.

We have been wired to love sugar, because our body design hails from a time when it was hard to find (same thing with fat). These days, though, our bodies haven't caught up with our cultural and technological advnaces - sugar is cheap on the ground, but our bodies stil covet it like gold!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

YESSSSSSS to stevia and agave-so much better than sugar!!! HOWEVER, if you have a choice between splenda/aspartame/sweet'n'low/other-crappy-old-school-sweeteners and sugar...just go for the sugar, it's better for you than those!

nonmember avatar Mal

Agave is actually worse than high fructose corn syrup I have no idea how that crap became such a health conscious food in people's minds. Do some research!!! It's ok to use very moderately, but it's also got negative effects. I use raw honey to sweeten things if need be, but I've learned to cut out as much sweet and train my brain to eat things the way they were supposed to taste and try not to eat very processed things. It's difficult and takes time but its healthier. Everything carries risks, do research and decide what is eat for you and it is no one business!!

Ally Lantis

Sugar in the raw is still processed. Turbinado as well. Use this guide; It helped me a lot. I stopped eating refined sugar a few weeks ago and when I cheat and eat a bite of a chocolate bar, I feel horrid! I use unrefined coconut sugar in baking, raw honey and fruit as natural sweeteners.

MomOf... MomOf2winsPlus1

Un-pasturized raw honey is the only "added sweetener" we use in our home.  My son has an allergy to refined/artificial sweeteners.  Agave IS a refined sugar, just from another plant.  Same crap.
Raw sugar is still refined, and must be before it can be sold.
Sugar in the raw is a specialty refined sugar, by definition.

If you need to boil or modify a product, it's refined.  (This includes maple syrup, agave, stevia, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar, dehydrated cane juice, organic cane syrup...should I go on?) 

We'd all be healthier if we lived without sugar, but if you eat "convenience foods" (boxed or canned), you're more than likely eating sugar.  The only way to prevent a diet that is dripping in sugar is to eat real food, and make things from scratch so you know what's going into them.  It's not easy, but is very worth it.  


Sandra Young

this article is similar to something I read that has me already cutting down on a weakness I have and that's soda's. I cook my own food so it helps me get away from the process stuff that is high in sugar and salt, had to add that.

Tawny Medina

I just read this while eating an off brand pop tart. Great.

nativ... nativemama18

No In moderation it's fine besides mice are mice and humans are humans

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