Lindsay Lohan's Post-Rehab Weight Gain Could Save Her Life

lindsay lohanSince leaving rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been seen out and about looking healthier, happier, and most notably, as though she's put on a few pounds. While tabloids are usually itching to slam a young actress for gaining weight, the reverse is true for LiLo. Her weight gain is being applauded ... because it's a sign she's off all of the prescription meds she was taking, like Adderall!

If you recall, Lindsay was adamant about being allowed to keep taking Adderall while spending 90 days in court-ordered rehab ... But according to, after intense therapy, she's reportedly found that she can do without the amphetamine, which is prescribed for ADD but is often abused by young actresses wanting to control their weight. Hey, lookatthat: More proof that sometimes skinnier isn't healthier, eh?


A source close to LiLo says, "Lindsay came out of rehab totally clean. She’s not on any prescription medicines, and she’s really taking her sobriety seriously." Awesome! And there are even more details to make it seem like this promising news could actually be true this time ... "Lindsay’s been going to the gym, doing spinning and yoga. And she even went to a sweat lodge," the source notes.

Love it, and really hope it's true! It's not uncommon for someone who's struggled with unhealthy addictions to find an outlet in physical activity. What better way to cope with a challenging time than by doing something so good for your overall wellness?

Going so far as to adopt a regular, varied workout routine is probably the best sign that LiLo's committed to staying sober -- and, beyond that, improving her mind-body fitness overall. It could even be an indication that she's on her way to being the healthiest she's ever been.

What do you think about LiLo's turnaround? Do you agree her new workout regimen is a good sign?


Image via Tom Meinelt/Splash News

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