Jennifer Garner Says She'll Never Do Another Crazy Diet for a Movie Again

jennifer garner on cover of allureIf I had to name one of the most normal, lovely, genuine celeb moms in Hollywood, I'd have to say Jennifer Garner -- hands down! (Something The Stir was lucky enough to have discovered firsthand!) So it's kinda no wonder that in her most recent interview with Allure, she comes off as genuine, grounded, and 100x more normal than your average celebrity. But still -- she IS a star ... She must resort to extremes to stay looking so gorgeous and fit, for her career, right? Notsomuch.

Even though she's got a resume packed with ripped, "action babe" roles, Jen told the magazine that she's done taking roles that require her to drastically change her figure.


Jen explained:

There were times I had to watch every calorie that went into my body. Doing something like that again ... it's not exactly on the top of my list.

Awesome. Good for her. Far too few actresses are willing to put their foot down about this -- cough Anne Hathaway -- and we have to watch them waste away or go on some insane boot camp, juicing freak attack for a part.

Yeah, some may argue that's their job. But it's clear Jennifer Garner also considers having her own life -- and being a mom to her three adorable kiddos with Ben Affleck -- her job, too. She also seems to have a very healthy self-image, noting in the same interview that she and Ben have made a "conscious decision" to go to some premieres and parties separately, because she says, "I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become 'wife of'." Not wanting to just be "Mrs. Ben Affleck" goes hand-in-hand with not wanting to be just a pretty face/body.

And thus, not totally consumed by something as inane as calorie counting!

Don't get me wrong. Being calorie-conscious is an important key to living a healthy lifestyle, but being on a "diet" that requires you to live and die by numbers is anything but healthy. It's also just plain unrealistic for anyone to do that day in and day out. At least from my personal experience, it's much better to just eat clean, whole, nutritious foods, and follow the 80/20 rule. Given her recent words of wisdom, I'm sure Jen would agree.

What do you think about Jennifer Garner's healthy approach to her career?

Image via Allure

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