Jennifer Aniston Makes Shocking 'Baby Bump' Confession

jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston baby watch has been going strong for YEARS. So it's no surprise that when she recently stepped out in a curve-hugging purple dress at the We're the Millers premiere, which made it look like her abs weren't nearly as washboard as usual, everyone screamed, "BABY BUMP!" Poor Jen. She had no choice but to set the record straight and explain to The Kyle and Jackie O what was going on with her tummy: "Just a couple of pounds."

Mind-blowing revelation there, huh? Ugh. I realize she's JENNIFER freakin' ANISTON, a gorgeous, popular, working actress-turned-celebrity who has the world by a string pretty much, but I really do feel bad for her that the tradeoff for all that glitz and glam is having to basically disclose every single minor weight fluctuation she experiences! Otherwise the public is going to have some serious questions about what's going on in her uterus! What a pain.


We can lament how we don't have Jen's hair, skin, or upper arms 'til the cows come home, but seriously, having to explain a nonexistent baby bump is one thing no woman would EVER want to have to deal with. Most of us would be mortified if we constantly had to field speculation about our stomachs. "Nope, sorry, no baby. Just bloated from the beer and pizza I ate last night!"

Most of us experience slight weight ups and downs on a regular basis. A couple of pounds is NBD! Most of us would never be able to wear a slinky, satin dress like the one she wore without wearing at least one pair of extremely, super-compressive Spanx -- and even then, it may be a no-no ...

And like it or not, all of the above is normal. We're women who give birth to other human beings, who have a menstrual cycle (eee!), who eat (oh no!), who might occasionally skip the gym (OMG!). We're not plastic dolls. Neither's Jen. 'Course she never really has to justify any of this blather about her belly with a response ... but Qs about it should never be fired her way in the first place.

Do you think it's crazy how Jen has to constantly field questions about her weight and/or whether or not she's pregnant? Would it drive you nuts to be in her shoes?


Image via Rob Kim/Getty

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