Tyra Banks Has Some Shocking Words for Why She Hates Diets

Tyra BanksIn the land that is Hollywood, thin is in. It's no secret that celebs are skinny mini and get fat-shamed and all-too-ridiculous flack when they gain a few pounds. Which is why, today, I salute Tyra Banks. Not because she's especially larger than usual and she needs a little extra love, but because she says she has no problem with being bigger. In fact, she tells Us Weekly that she "doesn't believe in diets," because she "needs some ass." (Don't we all?)

Now that's a fierce attitude. Sure, it's easy for Tyra who is still teensy, a model, and has established an amazing career for herself to throw out lines like this. But my favorite part of her Us interview? Where she says, "I was at the height of my success when I was at my biggest."

Tyra was successful and heavier. Yes. YES. If only there were more people out there preaching to women that skinniness doesn't equal success. You tell 'em, Tyra.


I've been there, for sure. When you're watching what you eat and you don't see results on the scale, it's easy to feel like you're not good enough -- both in the weight loss and the personal life departments. Tyra's message is empowering. Here's a crazy successful woman saying that when she was at her biggest, she was rockin' it. That's something we all have the power to do. We just need to keep the right mindset.

Lately, for me, that's involved staying away from the scale. I have so much going on between work and my personal life that the last thing I need is to get on a scale and worry about numbers. What really matters is how I feel, and that's what should matter for us all more often. Are you doing things in life that make you feel good? Do you feel good in your body? If you can answer yes to those two questions, then I think you're doing just fine.

Can you relate?


Image via digitas photos/Flickr

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