Snooki Looks Even Thinner Than Before in Latest Pic -- Should We Be Worried Now? (PHOTO)

snookiI won't lie, I love Snooki. I think she's amazed the world with just how incredible of a mom she's turned out to be to her little meatball Lorenzo. She has a fun attitude about life, and despite me not being the biggest fan of her interesting shade of hair color, she always looks adorable. With that said, Snooks, I'm a little worried about you. Not because you're cuddling Lorenzo too tightly or because Jionni is having some big tabloidtastic romance (he's not!). But because of your weight.

It's no secret Snooki's skinny. Heck, we've seen a bazillion photos of the former Jersey Shore star looking itty-bitty since giving birth. But Snooks posted another photo on her Instagram feed this morning and I just cannot get over that there's ... like nothing there.

Here, see what I mean:


Snooki skinny photo

I told you, teeny. She looks beautiful, regardless, and what do I know -- maybe it's the way the camera is angled or something about the reflection she's using (I hope so). But still. She's so SMALL!

Whether or not Snooki's weight is still on the decline, one thing is for sure: It's important that the momma keeps herself surrounded with positive people who love her for the amazing person she is. The Gorilla-loving lady has come so, so far since her first days back on the shore, and she should be super proud of the hard work and dedication that's gotten her to this point. Stay healthy for you, Snooki. Be your own biggest fan and you'll go far.

Do you think Snooki's skinnier than ever? Do you think her family should be worried?


Images via Snookinic/Instagram

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