Top Anastasia Steele Contender Refuses to Diet for Nude Scenes

amanda seyfriedWhen Amanda Seyfried signed up to play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic about her life and work on the game-changing adult film Deep Throat, she likely knew honesty would be the best policy going forward in interviews about the flick. After all, if you're going all the way and putting yourself out there by playing a porn star, why not just let it all hang out? And that's exactly what Amanda did, especially when it came to how she prepared her body for the role -- and nude scenes

The actress told omg! at a screening of Lovelace earlier this week, "There's no point in worrying [about how you will look]. I'm really active, I try to run every day and eat well, but that's normal for me. [Linda Lovelace] was really thin, but I don't have the same body type as her at all and if I stopped eating I would look gross. I don't want to promote unhealthy body types. So, yeah, I [didn't change my fitness or diet routine] at all." Cheers to that!


Beyond that, Amanda admits that her diet and fitness routine isn't flawless. She confesses:

I love running and being outdoors. I am trying to eat more vegetables, but it's really difficult. I overeat in the middle of the day. And I'm a sugar addict. It never changes ... I try!

Ha, so in other words, she's just like any other normal 27-year-old woman who has her ups and downs, fave workouts, and biggest weaknesses. And despite having a gig that isn't exactly "normal," she doesn't feel it necessary to go to extremes for a role. How awesome is that?!

This is even better news considering that she's been rumored as a possible contender to play Anastasia Steele -- another role that will obviously require stripping down. If she wasn't pressured to starve or torture herself to be super-thin as Linda Lovelace, who she admits was naturally very thin, there's no way she would do the same to play Ana. And let's hope whoever lands the role will feel the same. Because let's be honest -- how sexy could a desperately skinny, unhealthy actress be as Ana anyway?

What do you think about Amanda's confession? Do you hope whoever wins the role of Ana has a healthy body type?


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