The Famous 'Crossfit' Workout Was Full of Surprises (But It DID Leave Me in Pain)

Crossfit GymCrossfit. That big scary cult workout that gives you crazy results and is super super intense. If you've heard of it, my guess is that you probably think of it like that. Yes, the workout that consists of constantly varied, functional movements like push-ups, pull-ups, running, rowing, and gymnastics is intense. Yes, there are a few VERY muscular men walking around the gym (and handsome, I might add). But should that make you stay away? Absolutely not.

What if I were to tell you that the "big scary" Crossfit workout is actually designed for all levels of fitness? Or that after a few days, the challenge of it all will make you WANT to try lifting up a barbel with ACTUAL weight on it? I know, it sounds bananas. But after given the opportunity to take Crossfit Elements Workshop, a six-class series that covers the basics of Crossfit at the local CrossfitNYC, I've become a believer in everything this workout has to offer.

Willing to test your limits? Here, let's talk. 


The Elements Workshop is exactly what it sounds like: a workshop that breaks down many of the major elements of Crossfit. During the six classes, I learned all different sorts of moves that are in the daily workouts, otherwise referred to as "Workout of the Day," or "WOD." From kettle bell swings and snatches to back squats and burpees (no, not those kind of burps), the exercises my instructor Ben taught our little group of six were the kind of things I'd seen in those TV muscle competitions. The difference? They were broken down for us, step-by-step, and taught in a way that made them not seem impossible. Me, lifting a barbel, and ending up in some sort of a squat? Not exactly something I ever envisioned myself doing, but I did. Also, who knew that they made large-scale rubber bands to help flimsy women like me do a pull-up?! Cha. Ching.

My verdict: It's fun. It's always cool to try something new and push yourself to do things you never thought you could. It's also cool to bond with other people through working out. My small group, we pushed each other. That was probably my favorite component of the whole shebang: Having other people believe that I could do the things I thought I could not. 

So you're wondering: But isn't this crazy expensive? Yeah, it's pricey. But it's worth it. In my mind, there's no better feeling than being sore a few days after a workout, knowing you gave it your all. With that being said: If you're REALLY committed to going three/four times a week and want to make positive changes for yourself, pull the trigger. Take an Elements Workshop. Or heck, simply get into a nearby gym for a free Intro to Crossfit series. Trust me, once you step inside, you may never look back.

Have you or someone you know tried Crossfit? Did you like it? Were you sore?


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