New Weight Loss Program Verbally Abuses Women to 'Motivate' Them to Get in Shape

woman standing on scaleMotivation to get up and go work out is often hard to come by, so of course there's an entire market devoted to tools -- personal trainers, workout journals, websites that pay you to meet your goals, etc. -- that'll encourage us to get off the couch. One Japanese company hopes people who want to lose weight will be encouraged by their Nenshou app ...

The gist: You try to win the affections of these sexy anime cartoon guys by working out. All the while the virtual object of your affection insults you with so-called "motivational" statements like, "Fat girl, do some more exercise, okay?" No joke.

And wait, it gets even MORE twisted ...


When you first start your weight loss "journey" with the app, you create an animated character who meets up with their childhood sweetheart who says you're fat and need to lose weight. Ugghh. That love interest then morphs into a personal trainer hottie (the aforementioned bully) who becomes more and more romantically interested in you as you lose weight.

As you exercise, the "trainer" screams at you while keeping count of your sit-ups or laps. But no fear. If you accomplish what the trainer wants you to, you'll be rewarded in increasingly lovey-dovey scenarios. It's like Choose Your Own Adventure: The Weight Loss Edition. Except no matter what way it goes, the adventure sounds all sorts of screwed-up! (By the way, it bears noting that the original version of the app was aimed at men and featured pretty anime women helping guys lose weight with words of encouragement and compliments. So the developers aren't just fat-shamers, but they're sexist, too. Lovely.)

For one thing, fat-shaming, bullying, yelling, and screaming at someone is NEVER the way to get through to them, to motivate them, to encourage healthy weight loss. I can't stand when I hear about trainers who are constantly berating their clients or spinning instructors who act like drill sergeants. I guess that works for some people, but I can't imagine why. It only seems to serve to perpetuate negativity! And stress! Neither of which is exactly conducive to shedding pounds. 

Furthermore, equating more love with more weight loss is all sorts of insane. Especially for an app that will most likely be used by younger women and girls. What is wrong with the people behind this? Fingers crossed that most people are smart enough to realize that this cruel joke of an app is anything but healthy.

How sick is this?! Do you find trainers or instructors who yell motivating?

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