Acetaminophen Warning Issued by the FDA: What You Need to Know

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A warning was issued this week by the FDA for the very popular pain reliever Acetaminophen. This does not mean you should panic or throw away every bottle in the house. Actually, very little should change in how you medicate you and your little ones ... because they've made exceptionally clear that the benefits of the drug outweigh the possibility of this side effect affecting you. Still, they are alerting the public because although rare, it can be fatal.

So what should you be looking for? Skin rashes and blisters. And again ... this is rare. But it has happened -- and so you should be in the know!

The FDA states that:

... possible reactions to acetaminophen include three serious skin diseases whose symptoms can include rash, blisters and, in the worst case, widespread damage to the surface of skin. If you are taking acetaminophen and develop a rash or other skin reaction, stop taking the product immediately and seek medical attention right away.

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So basically -- you shouldn't really change the way you do things. But it is important you know about this ... because we need to be educated about what we put in our bodies and the possible side effects these things can have on us. If you or your kids break out in any kind of rash while taking this medicine, stop taking it and contact your doctor immediately. 

So still take acetaminophen for that fever, those aches and pains, or your hangover (at least it's always helped my hangovers!) -- just be aware of how your body reacts.

Acetaminophen is such a staple in our medicine cabinets ... do you have it in yours?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I have it but don't use it because it doesn't work worth a damn for pain relief.

jalaz77 jalaz77


londonr londonr

Nope. I use ibuprofen. It works better for me and mine.

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Gee the new warning sounds a lot like an allergic reaction.  Ironically I will keep taking acetaminophen because I am allergic to aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.  I live in fear of the day the FDA bans Tylenol or makes it prescription only because having allergies to other pain relievers already pegs me as drug seeking.


@oneallergicmama. I thought I was the only one. I can only take aceta.. when I need major pain meds they give me tylenol w/ codein(sp) which doesn't do anything. I get that crazy look when I ask for something stronger.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Please, do NOT take acetaminophen to cure a hangover! Acetaminophen is processed through the liver, which is already stressed out from all the alcohol you drank. You can do some serious liver damage over time. Stick with ibuprofen for a hangover.

Christina Michelle Wolgamot

I had a rash a few weeks ago and it went away completeley well the last two nights I have had a horrible headaches. So I took a migraine releaver with acetemetophene in it! Today my rashes are horrible and itche all around my rib cages. Guess I shouldn't take this anymore.

nonmember avatar Badger

That does sound like an allergic reaction, and the exact reasons why I don't take acetaminophen.

Cassondra Monique

Almost any medication can cause allergic reactions like this. Ibeprofin can rip up the lining in your stomach and cause stomach bleeding. Are you going to stop taking it now? This is silly to make a big deal out of it. The truth is if you take ANY medication or herbal remedy you should assess your entire body for changes that may be alarming you to a reaction to it. THAT should be the real warning.

leona24 leona24

Nope we use ibuprofen or aspirin

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