Amanda Bynes' Schizophrenia Drugs Are Working, But She Still Has a Long Road Ahead

amanda bynesAs Amanda Bynes' sad mental health drama continues to play out, there's a bit of a silver lining: It looks like she seems to be responding "quickly and dramatically" to a combo of drugs -- referred to as a cocktail -- that seems to be controlling what doctors at her psychiatric hospital say appears to be schizophrenia. In the last three days, she's stopped talking to herself and insulting people. She's also become polite, saying "please" and "thank you." Whoa.

Still, while it is reassuring to think the meds have managed to work for her so quickly -- especially considering that it's notoriously difficult to get the individual "cocktail" right for patients -- those taking care of Amanda aren't willing to say all is 100 percent well just yet ... Meds usually take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in. And it's even more reason it's a good thing that she was denied the right to leave the psychiatric hold when she appeared before a judge yesterday!


The thing is ... no matter how well she's doing currently, how quickly she seems to be responding, the doctors say it's unclear if the meds she's on now will work long-term. It's possible she may need a slight tweak here or there. And of course, there's also the issue of whether or not she'll actually take the drugs voluntarily once she's left the building. Not to mention if she's going to be using other illegal substances once she's out or abusing her body in other ways, like refusing to eat properly, etc. (In fact, nutrient deficiencies often cause or exacerbate mental illness, so I wouldn't be surprised if her obsession with weight loss is a factor here, too.)

When all is said and done, the fact is that treating mental illness is never black-and-white, set-in-stone, one-size-fits-all. And it's nothing that can be fixed overnight. It's an ongoing process that requires all hands -- the doctors', the lawyers', her parents', and her own -- on deck.

In the meantime, there will be a new conservatorship hearing for August 9 to determine who will control Bynes' affairs. The whole situation sounds so familiar, eh? Not that everything with Britney Spears has been 100 percent smooth sailing, but she does appear to be doing better than ever. With hope, Amanda is able to follow in the fellow former teen star's footsteps and make a full recovery down the road.

Are you hopeful that Amanda is now getting the treatment she needs?


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